I'm struggling to keep myself in one piece, as i find you keep taking bits of me, i know its not your fault, its mine entirely...but what am i supposed to do, i must return to entropy...this feeling in my gut...it can not go away, unless you show me saving grace i will just fade away, i hate it when i put my hopes and dreams in something real...then by the end i find again i was unable to heal....i cant do this...i cant be in love...for lonely is my anthem and single is my glove, i know i'll never hurt me...unless its cause of you...but you already hurt me and were barely even through... the beginning of our friendship....i know its not your fault...its my own impatience.. my soul yearns to leave the vault....please set me free, i'll be anything, i'll start any crew, let me protect you, let me hold on to your heart, i promise from the start, i intend to turn life into art, and with your emotions i'll color my world, and your world can be unfurled with tales of the hurled intellectual whirled with a twist of good fun...i want you to say our relationships begun