Sanguinary blood stories

Chapter 10 = ???

The mysterious man looked at the others and looked to Kynneth. "So, you are the newest one?" He asked aloud as he put a hand to his chin and put his spear on his back which changed into a small staff. He then cringed as he was still bleeding out some and then put his water onto his wounds and began to heal himself. After a bit he looked at the two of them. "Yeah, you could say that." He said to the new guy as he held the handle in his hand. "You haven't even found your blade yet, oh man, you are behind." The man said as he sighed some and sat down on the ground. "The second challenge will be even deadlier than the first." The man said as he sat on the ground near the two. "Well, he'll do just fine, after all he has the one power that just got reborn and you remember what that one is, right?" She asked the man. "Yeah, it was... wait, that's right it was holy." The man as he shot up and looked at him. "We need to hurry to find your blade." The man said as he began to head towards another exit as he waved for the two to follow and they did quickly heading out of the place they were in and then headed towards where the man thought the blade would be...TBC