In many cultures shadows are connected to a person's soul or even is a person's soul itself. The ancient Greeks believed that when a person entered the sanctuary of Zesus on Mount Lycaeus they would lose their shadow and therefor die within the year. There was a superstition amongst gypsies that if the shadow of a grave cross fell on a pregnant women she would have a miscarriage. The people of Greece would sometimes us a shadow as a sacrifice for a new building. This was done by placing the foundation stone on the shadow of a man. It was thought to give strength and stability to the building. Whose shadow was used was kept secret cause the man would die within the year. It is said that a person's shadow can live on after a person has died. To see such a shadow can be taken as a omen of death . The person who sees it may die within a few days or someone close to them may die. The devil is said to have no soul so a person without a shadow was said to have sold their soul to the devil. If you step on someone's shadow you will bring suffering to that person.