So on September 25th, I found the coolest thing! I wanted to write a journal about it ever since, but things came up and I never got to it.

I did have time last week, but I was preparing for a three days and two nights trip. The last entry I wrote was posted the night before I left for my trip. Since then, this journal entry has completely left my mind.

BUT NO LONGER! Today, I'll write about it. I have to take a shower soon, so I'll just type what comes to mind and go as soon as I finish. Well, I suppose you, as the reader, wouldn't care to much about what I do after I write my journal. Aha, welp, best get started!

So there I was, sitting in my desk at the back of the classroom in my Science 10-H class. It was fourth period, the end of the day, so there was a heavy air of lethargia. Everyone was slowly drifting out of reality, including your truly! xp

Then my hand falls.

I have a habit of keeping my hand on my lap during class, and that day was no exception. Eventually, though, my muscles gave in to exhaustion, and it fell.

I felt a plug. Now, I'm not talking about the electrical plug, I'm referring to the lid of a pipe.

That's exactly what it was.

See, you've probably seen desks like these, but the desk I was sitting in was a very traditional school desk. It consisted of a chair and a table top, all supported by hollow, metal pipes. At every end of the pipe, there's a cover. My guess is that this was implemented to prevent students from hiding, like, gum or something in there.

Oh, and another thing, these pipe lids/covers/plugs are not intended to come off. In fact, after this day, I check every desk I can. So far, no desk is like the one I was sitting in.

Basically, when my hand fell, it touched the pipe plug. When I became conscious of what it was that I touched, I got curious. I thought, "oh hey! I could open this and put a note inside!"

So I opened it. It doesn't make sense now, but at the time, I knew it could be opened. Strange, because in all my life, this desk was the only desk that could do that. How did I know it could open like that? I don't know. Intuition, I suppose.

In my hand, I held the pipe plug, now detached from the desk. I peered over the top of my desk only to find that someone has already put a note in there!

It took me a while to finally get the note out as it was stuck on the wielding of the pipe itself. After finally freeing the little slip of paper, I read it.

Hello. This was hid here on November 18, 2003.


We're in Ms. Cant's English 30-1 class, watching Kenneth Drannagh's Hamlet.

Anyway. Have a good day.

- J.C

And that's what it said, word for word. A little lower on the page, there was another note.

Yes, She is a c**t. This was found on Feb. 28 2006 by Cole Bauce. We're in mr. Neahr's math 10-A class learning number patterns.
Congrats too you and have a lovely day.

And that's also what the note said, word for word, mistake for mistake.

There was only two people who wrote notes. I was really excited to stumble upon this, you see. All my life, it's been nothing but exaggerated truths my mind made to keep life interesting. This was interesting all on it's own!

I did what any normal person would do and wrote a note myself.

Hello! This was found again by Lucia Nguyen. Today is September 25th, 2013. We're in Mr. Ghidina's Science 10-H learning atomic bonds. Congrats on finding this, too! Have an absolutely spectacular day!

And yeah. Cool, eh?

I mean, we're in the October (at the time, September) 2013! The first note dated back to November 2003! That's almost ten years! Ten WHOLE years!

And the best part, I think, is that Ms. Cant STILL works here! Like, isn't that just amazing? Gosh, it's like something from a novel. emotion_awesome

Well, anyhow, I have to get going. I'm 12 minutes behind schedule. emotion_0A0 I'll write another entry soon. I don't want to make promises, but this journal can't die. I wouldn't allow it!

The lyrics for today is:
You can take your note for note and not at all
There’s no filling up your spaces with fictionary places
Imaginary faces, they don’t work at all

Comment below on what you think the song's title and artist are and a reward shall be granted! Thanks for reading, btw. G'night if the darkness is upon and you see you all next entry! yum_puddi