So last night I was at Chris's dorm and I decided that I'd test out my newvicon MovieMaker camera. Well as I was filming, I said a couple things, to which JB gave a*****e replies to. XD It happened twice while I was video taping. It was pretty hilarious. xDD And the things JB said probably would've bothered me, but it was just like "Dude, I'm filming you right now. xDDD" I wonder if he even cares that people see him as a dickwad.. He's gonna lose a lot of friends that way. Just saying. razz

One particular moment when he did that, it was hilarious, because right after he gave his a*****e remark, I rapidly zoomed right into him with the camera lens. xDDD It was like "Yep, that's JB for you all watching this."

I haven't tried playing the tape back yet so I don't know if it actually recorded the footage correctly, but if it did, it'll be funny because I'll have something to show my parents.

To be perfectly honest, sometimes JB is a total a*****e, and other times he's really not too bad. Sometimes he even acknowledges that he's being a jerk and will apologize for it, which is somewhat refreshing. I don't want him in the house though for the weekend (my actual house, not my dorm, but I wouldn't want him there either xDD).

The moral of the story is, if you're a careless person and blurt out all the bullshit that's on your mind, regardless of who's feelings it hurts, that's probably gonna come back to haunt you.

Also, if you don't like having your picture taken during a special event like a birthday or something, to me that translates to "I'm gonna say s**t and do s**t that's stupid, so don't film me." Well if you have the capacity to recognize that what you do or say is offensive, then simply don't ******** do it. Nobody likes a troll. With some people I can understand, they're camera shy, or afraid of it. In that regard, they have an acceptable reason to not have their picture taken. But some people are not timid/camera shy at all, and they still say "Don't take my picture." That's likely because they don't feel like abiding to common courtesy. Nevertheless, JB strangely disregarded the fact he was being filmed. I find that truly hilarious. XDD

You could say that I was being generous by filming JB with a huge a** camera, because at least then he could see that he was being recorded. I could've been a lot more stealthy and did the exact same thing on my phone if I really wanted to. xD

So, that's it. ^^