another day in my life thigs are nuts and crazy i only wish it could go my way once in my life i have bf but idk were its going i dont feel that i love him they way he loves me idk maybe im wrong but i know that im going to make a change in my life so that i can be happy for once but im livig in myrtle beach right now im from OH so all this is diffrent to me and yes i know my spelling is off but whatever lol. but i think things will go ok after i start working going back to school and getting my life right i think i might go back home for a while just to get my head right god i need bowl right now so i think clearly i have alot things i could do i like to write and draw and act so maybe ill start my youtube back up and get famous. i mean come on everyone else is doing it look a Paramore look at them two guys that did that song i mean you see it everyday i mean i know there sexy ppl out there but damn if u look at me u be like "why is he not on tv or movies" but idk my day will come soon and i wont have a worry in the world but thats just me well i think im going to cut this short for now im about to eat and maybe take a nap so ill shall return and update more about my life lol being gay is not easy trust me all you str8 ppl in the world lol bye bye