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In the mist of good thought
Hi like for everyone to enjoy reading in here..so enjoy!
She sighed sadly, how could it had come to this? Her only friend dating the very guy she said she liked. Of course its common she thought to herself, her friend didn't say anything after she confessed her feelings for the guy and that was only last weekend while they were out shopping for new winter shoes for the next school semester. She bowed her head in shame for every thinking that she had a true friend. "Hey, Hinata. You know me and Naruto are going out now." Grinned a pleased pink haired girl with venomous emerald green eyes. "Oh..." is all she could say. "Isn't it great? After you had confessed that you liked him the other day, he had wrote and confessed his feelings for me a day afterwards! It was like wow!" She beamed proudly. Hinata wasn't a fool she knew Naruto had his eyes on her supposed friend for a long time as well, it was no secret that he would steal glances, always speak highly of her, and would make every effort to get her attention. He had finally confessed she thought longingly, and not once did her friend accept or paid any mind to his effortless struggle to impress her before, why now after she had confessed her feelings? "I never noticed how genuine and funny he was until you pointed it out, when I really think about it he's way cute!" With that she scurried off to meet up with her click for class. Yes, Hinata wasn't a fool but a desperate girl who wanted friends but importantly she wanted someone to notice and understand her more than anything else. "Today class we'll be discussing...." Mr. Iruka's voice drowned out to the many thoughts going through Hinata's head, how could she concentrate when the constant image of Sakura and Naurto being together ran ramped through her mind. All she could see is them cuddling and kissing in front of her, mocking her for her foolish hopes and dreams; it cut deep, deeper than any physical wound, their mocking faces would not leave her, not today, not tomorrow, maybe not ever she thought dryly. Maybe this was a lesson in life to learn, you cant trust everybody or anybody for that matter with anything most precious to you.

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Nothing Epic
Community Member

Tue Jul 28, 2015 @ 11:15pm

You should honestly be a writer you good at it and finish this I really want to know what will happen to Hinata and if she will find true love. smile

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