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Pagan43v3R's 3N7R135
Im a learning shaman/pagan/wiccan, bit of a mix free spirited person. Tried the whole catholic religion but turned out when I went to the church and school, those bastards made fun of me, so I am very happy I chose the magickal path. I honestly have
So, my dad just woke up, and will see someone is in the house pass 9 pm. He's not happy. -.-' W/e it's not my problem. All I need to do is just stay in my room if hes awake. Only go down stairs if its for dishes, laundry, or meals.

If only my buddy Vince would contact me. I know he is very busy with his new job and they are short staffed. Thank the gods for Tuesday nights' archery practice with Katie. And I guess most of my nights will be studying and playing games on gamecube, and online. I think I'll try to save as much as I can for this and next week, cause pay day is next friday. ^.^ ...oh yeah gotta pay my phone bill. lol wow this entry is boring. Maybe I should had latch hooked and studied note cards and read my manga. Oh speaking of which, or typing of which, someone tried to claim certain photos of Hikaru from Magic Knight Rayearth as some new character called Neo Sailor Mars. I was pissed. Yeah, they just wanted to make their own little story idea, but they should had drawn their own photos. It's not that hard to draw. I think people put up stupid forums mainly to entertain themselves, or because they want to see a reaction from people of what stupid stuff they put up. I won't create a forum unless it's that good to share. ...

...Well I have to wake up at 5 45 am tomorrow so I can smell good for work. ^.^ and my lunch is already made so yay im good! All I need to do is see how much change I have for maybe a small snack for tomorrow or I can just make toast out of hamburger buns if there isn't any bread since Dad likes to make 2 sandwiches using 4 pieces of bread! and 4 slices of cheese and a lot of lunch meat. Perhaps next time I go grocery shopping for things I need, maybe I'll get a morning slimfast shake, or breakfast powders for to go. Those breakfast powders taste real yummy in milk, especially the vanilla. 3nodding But if I want to save some dough I can just use water instead of milk.

How did my Okami stuff animal get across the room?! I must of slept threw lol. I knwo I sleep walk, talk, and molest my bf in my sleep, but never thought throwing. I guess I'll just spray some axe on it and go to bed. One more drink before bed lol. Cheers to you Gaia creators! thanks for making such a fun game. And cheers to having 4 bottles of alcohol in my room. Perhaps that last bottle of Fulton's Harvest can be used for my anniversary. Hopefully my bf won't be working on our 3 year Anniversary. Because then, I get to sleep over at his place, stay up and play games, and drink, and watch a movie or two. But he probably wants to take me out shopping that night or the next day so I can get a pretty robe to wear, suitable for walking around the house and infront of other people, like friends. I wouldn't mind if it was soft and warm, thick or thin....damn I'm so spoiled! At least there was some things to put down in this entry, it may be boring but I can't wait for saturday night and sunday. But for now, sleep! SLEEP! I NEEDS IT! I've been saying how I need it and haven't gotten there. emotion_zzz

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