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Inane Wanderings
A blog about....well about....something. Really.
Suspicions Confirmed
For some time, Gaians who have been loyal to the site and jumped through hoops to help it and the developers out have started to suspect that it's no longer about community leading to profitability, it's about the almighty dollar at any cost. Evidence includes the incessant re-re-re-releasing of Flynn's a**, the pop up "buy our overrpiced ugly pixels" ads every time you turn around, the "flash sales" which aren't sales at all, but offering the junk that used to be $4.99 for $30.00.

May I direct you to this thread? Be sure to click through the links to see the poophead that Gaia hired as COO presenting slides with Flynn's a** and referring to what used to be known as "community members" (still says so under most people's names) as "lab rats".

Yup, in this poophead's eyes, we really are nothing but wallets.

Yeah, yeah, Gaia's backpedaling, with Uncle Kenny and other apologists saying that's not an official Gaia presentation nor is that Gaia HQ, etc. etc.

The fact remains: Gaia hired this poophead as COO. He is an officer of the company. He is in management. He is legally part of the company (that is the difference between manangement and employees, especially in CA, I used to be a manager in a CA corporation and can explain it in more detail if anyone really cares) and he can be construed as speaking for it.

This is the guy directing the future of Gaia. He's into "gamification" and "RMG" - real money gaming. I spent some time following links last night, looking into his history. Under his "leadership" - and I use the term in the same sense as "don't step in the leadership" - that's the way Gaia's going. I have no doubts anymore that that's what the 18+ site is going to be all about.

I dunno about anyone else, but I don't care for gambling. Pessimists and those who are mathematically inclined generally don't - we don't believe that the next turn of a card will be the winner, we are fairly certain that it's just more money down the drain. And we're right most of the time.

Side note: I actually do go to Las Vegas reasonably often. But I don't gamble. I go to shows and restaurants and weird museums and go shopping and people watching and play in the pools. But the slots? The card tables? I'm not interested at all.

Bottom line is: we've known for awhile that you can kiss the idea of the Gaian Community goodbye. It's intellectually gratifying but emotionally devastating to realize that yeah, we were right.

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    I try to be realistic but focus on spending energy where it has the best chance of meeting my goals. That's my version of positive thinking. Gaia's looking kind of terminal in its dive into selling gambling, constant advertising, and a nice new cybering site, but I am not -quite- ready to throw in the towel and consign the site to perdition yet.

    It looks like the driving force was venture capital received in 2006, and trying to make the site balance the books on that. Cheap credit can kill corporations as well as individuals.

    Change of pace - a nice mellow piece of music is Steam Powered Giraffe - Honeybee

    comment jellykans · Community Member · Tue Oct 08, 2013 @ 12:28am
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