I miss meebo = talking to friends easily.

I miss regular gold shop updates = getting dressed without saving for a year

I miss when exclusive monthly letters were the only thing on our minds = so over gc

I miss having 99gc trinkets, and lots of free offers to complete = i can`t spend another dime on you

I miss actually talking in towns, rally, etc. = this isn`t supposed to be a dress up game to then afk in public

I miss when it was cool to visit your friend`s houses = things you forgot that we never did (also so much you could do here gaia)

I miss having user named rooms = it was FUN keeping xPinoy (or whatever his name was) on the map for like over a year

I miss keeping up with the people online = rather than keeping up with the items

I miss the slow pace happy events = seasonal events should not be exclusive (say no to halloween party donations)

I miss the funny rocker music in vh = what the heck is 6 year old fad solider boy music doing in here

I miss new anime and movies being shown in the theater = we never see you anymore, not even for commercials..

I miss gaia...