My response to raising the mp tax, released a few months ago:

The 2% tax was first proof that gaia is becoming more and more dependent on the physical purchase of items, rather than a place where gaians can make gold by gaming, forums, (ETC.) and marginal profit - which eventually works its way up to serious gold making on the mp. Gaia cash purchases should be OPTIONS.

1. By increasing the tax, your making it impossible for gaians starting out to make their marginal profit and harder for gaians more advanced in the mp by making it riskier to gain gg profits (which in any case is why i hated the 2% tax as well). NO TAX.

2. Gaia created inflation probably from innocent origins - just to raise real cash funding for the site - and thats totally fine, BUT ...

a) (notably i believe their first mistake) doing things like letting evolving items evolve over time even after the event is over and done with (this leads to cheaper multiple copies of the same item and depreciates the value of the original, HUGE CASH SINK),

b) or by re-introducing items when their advertisement centered around exclusivity IS SERIOUSLY EVIL,

c) or worse introducing multiple re-colourings not as a request from the community but rather because the artists had nothing that week (idk why dear gaia like why would you do that?).

The intrusion made by gc has already become a problem - FIX IT, not by temporary solution (i mean if you increase now, what happens when inflation is out the roof, 50 ...60% tax? NO) but rather by fixing, addressing, and finding other solutions to the inflation that the gaia team has created. YOU BREAK IT YOU FIX IT. don't turn gaians off. SAY NO TO THE TAX.

*note: not my idea but- suggestion to fix this..maybe gold bought gg rigs?