the boy, the girl, and the third person were the "perfect" ones. all the ones before, the "zombies", were all failures. most zombies had died 5 seconds after they were given life. how sad it would be to only have 5 seconds, eyes still adjusting, to have a glimpse of the world around you.

the ones still alive were just given a room that was, for the most part, used to store experiments. but it felt like a jail cell. or more accurately, it felt like they were in a mental hospital: they weren't allowed to touch or have certain things (example: a butter knife), sometimes they are let out to talk to each other in a lounge room, etc.
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but the boy and the girl roamed freely, and they were known to talk to the first borns. the two acted innocent and curious. being exposed to the world for the first time, they were pretty adventurous and were fascinated by little things. the two didn't seem to have pained expressions on their faces, as the zombies had.

no one were ever given a name. why bother? the zombies were not even treated as important people. and while the boy and girl had a title (if you hadn't guessed already, everyone just called them "boy" or "girl" wink , no one had seen a reason to give them names either. but they did have a title. they looked better. they were better. the scientists had just about treated them as Gods. If they weren't happy, the scientists would fix it. But only if they behaved and did what they were told to do.

this went for the 3rd one too, yet his titled was more complicated. what would they call him? no one knew. the scientists would simply say things like "hey you", which would confuse both him and other zombies within earshot. but for the most part, things seemed to be just fine.
the 3rd was a little bit more secluded then the other two. he was just as curious, but he was also feared. he was treated very well among the scientists, just as the other 2, but the zombies were not disciplined enough to not be honest with him, and so they would say mostly anything that came to mind. and what comes to mind after seeing the third one, is how scary he is...
but they were just inferior to him, in every aspect. why should he care? soon, he adopted a "tough guy" aura and demanded respect among the first born.

as for the other two, the third one envied the boy, and tried to impress the girl.