So I haven't done much on this site other than write my bio-thing on my home page, so I'm gonna start journals so when I eventually start posting in forums and stuff, yall children can stalk me and what not. Who knows, maybe I'll make an internet friend or two. I don't really know what the age grouping on this website is, but I'm a high school senior, so that's that. School's pretty chill for the most part. English is the only class that I'm not too fond of, and that's mainly because I'm not in many classes that give homework, let alone essays to be written, then there's English Class. I have friends who are in harder classes than I, so I can't even really complain about that.
My only other lament in being a senior is that I'm about to graduate high school, which means all I have left is college, then the real world. I'm having that "I don't want this year to end" feeling pretty bad lately. That might sound cheesy, but that's not my fault because I don't really have any other way to explain it. I wanna be 17 and do all the things 17 year olds do. I just wanna chill with my friends, and it makes me sad that this is my last year with them, because they all have such big futures ahead of them, then there's me. You know how there's a dumbass in every group of friends? I'm that dumbass in mine. All my friends have always made better grades than I, and they're all in higher grade-level classes. I'm not seeing a single damn one of them after this summer. Not to mention, I don't even have ******** money to go to college next year because I'm poor. Pardon that, that got pretty personal. Actually, it's a journal, so don't.
I don't have many problems with life, I'm a pretty happy kid, so the problems I do have kind of hit me extra hard. In fact, I wish sometimes that something huge would happen to me, so that I could learn to cope with it. That's probably pretty bad though. What I'm trying to say is that I'm happy that I'm happy, but I want wisdom to help myself and others. I'm so bad at talking people through things, my own BEST FRIENDS won't talk to me when bad s**t happens. My friend's grandmother died the day before my birthday, and I didn't hear it from her. I found out from my other friends 2 days after my birthday. I never know when stuff happens to my best friend, because he doesn't talk to me about it. I guess that makes sense though, who wants to talk if nobody can help them, right? I'd still kind of like to know about stuff like that.
That was extra whiney.My apologies, I'll try not to be so whiney next time.