My journey on gaia online has been one i will remember for the rest of my life. I've made irreplaceable friends here, and even some enemy's. I have found love and family here. But the time has come to move on with my life. I'm sure no one will read this but i feel i have to write.

Eight years ago i was shown gaia, i started off as a noob in many ways. I was immature and thought of nothing but myself. But gaia guided me into its arms and embraced me, its people and its games and whole world. The people taught me i was not always right, and woke me up from many delusions i had. It's events shaped me in a strange way. From alien invasions to ghost waffle attacks, i became forever altered.

I joined a guild four long years ago, it was called the true signers of gaia. There i became entwined further into gaia, soon after i became the guilds captain. I did my best to steer it in the right direction, keeping the input of my friends in mind. But after a while our family broke apart, i tried so hard to keep things in order and keep the guild alive. But losing a couple members of my family hit the guild hard, then it crumbled. I regret letting this happen everyday.

I look back at the 14 year old kid i was and see a stranger. Who was he? All i can see is the man i have become. Strong, loyal, kind, stubborn, impatient, goofy, mischievous, and sympathetic. I've done many things here, some im proud of, others not so much. I want to take many things back and do things differently, but at the same time if i had to do it all again...i would do so in a heartbeat. Gaia has been a long and page turning chapter in my life, but now i have to pack up my things. For the next adventure awaits me beyond the horizon. (I'm crying so hard right now. ; - ; )

Always hold peace in your soul, love in your heart, and music in your ears.

This has been: Twilight Ice Wizard, Flare Knight Gamma, Tsugumi Takahashi, Dosico, Sulien

~Signing out heart