...I've been going to school with one of THOSE Ootori's. WOW. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, because Ouran is just like that, but...yeah.

I finally realized I could probably look him up on the public internet once I found out he had his own Rolls. I've ridden in one before, of course - tio Ricardo has one - but never one that was apparently dedicated to shuttling a teenager around.

That's kind of scary.

I mean, he was a perfect gentleman, but...

Anyway, he took me to a fair the rest of the Host Club was going to (that was an education, in some areas the Ouran education lacks - most of them had no idea there are carnies who cheat) and I got to watch Honey-san (sempai?) go swimming in a dunk tank full of cake.

I also met Miss Strawberry, who's an American expat. Her Japanese is really good, so she's clearly been here a while. I got to practice all sorts of vocabulary I had no idea I'd ever need with her, but since she understood I'm thinking in a second language - Honey-san speaks some spanish, but it looks like he's less fluent in it than I am in Japanese, and nobody else at the club speaks it - she was really nice about it when I had to pull out my dictionary to look words up.

They're doing a cosplay party this weekend of USA 80s costumes. I had to go look that up. It looks like my really worn out jeans and poncho are the way to go...and then just to make a mess of my hair so that it's poofier than normal, and put it in a ponytail. I think if anybody asks, I'm an extra from some movie in the 80s nobody has heard of.

Papa decided not to come down when he heard I was out at the fair; he said he didn't want to get in the way of me making friends. But there was an Amazon 2-day box at my door this morning - with a brand new electric arepa maker in it so I can make arepas.

I have the best Papa ever. smile He says in the note with it that he's getting one for himself too, because he's tired of rice balls right now.

Now I just have to get abeulita to ship me some masarepa, and I can have proper midnight coding snacks!

...I wonder if the host club would like to try some? I'm pretty sure the prince would call them commoner food (that was actually really insulting, but I bet he doesn't realize he's being that way) but maybe Miss Strawberry and Mori-san would like them. They're not sweet, so Honey won't. I have no idea what Haruhi-san or Ootori-san would think. And I know there are some other hosts I haven't met yet. Hmm.

New coffee flavor in the dining room this weekend: sheep dip.

Can I shoot the cafeteria manager? No, probably not. I'd say there's not a jury in the world that would convict except most of the students (not Ootori-san, but he seems to be in a league of his own) are drinking this stuff and Do Not Seem To Care.