the beastly burden of rage to restict it is to put pressure inside ones core until they burst and or implode but to realease such fury onto the world is a crime that ends with pain for the agressor this world decides to make rage a contributing factor to everything around us to eavery step we take to every person we meet anger flows through us we can feel every other emotion possible but none so clear as anger none more destructive then anger noting more foolish and uncontrolable as anger. rage builds within souls screwed and tortured by the course of events that come to be amnd when one stands up they are merely stepped upon they reach out for the heavens but fall into the fires of hell passion falls to angers mighty roar and sanity becaomes madness sp[ain leaves the body and mind and true agonyty is brpought onto others self cleansing exists but has so many costs and there is nothing that oner can do no matter how hard they try to truly erase such a truth from existance and human nature murder is a sin but shpould be legal there are some beings in this world that deserve to die many that should have never existed and those who have abused the privalage of having existed to destroy the fabric of hu,manity burn in hell those that oppose dreams of the vallint and the brave those that have a heart and seek to use it shant be persecuted they should be praised and loved f*ck the world this planet shall soon feel an incumbant wrath of belevelont divine massacre