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x● Name: Ash*taka Mitsurugi
x● Alias: Blind Swordsman
x● Titles: Duke-Son.
x● Age: Twenty Three
x● Date of Birth: 17th
x● Zodiac: Libra
x● Bloodtype: A-
x● Gender: Male
x● Sexual Preference: Female
x● Species/Race: Human/
x● Occupation: Son of Grand Duke
x● Alignment: Lawful Good
x● Languages Spoken: Three
x● Current Relationship Status: Arranged Marriage


x● Height: 5"9'
x● Weight: 142 lbs
x● Body Type: Athletic
x● Eye Color: Gone
x● Skin Color: Light Brown
x● Hair Color and Style:
x● Distinguishing Marks: Scars around eyes. Tattoo of royal seal on back, just below the neck.
x● Birth Defects: None.
x● Clean Shaven
x● Usual Clothing Style: Changshan. Hanfu. Custom Made Eye Cover.
x● Wearing Currently: Changshan, CMEC.


x● Hobbies: Hunting. Calligraphy. Chess. Theater Plays. Operas.
x● Strengths:
x● Weaknesses:
x● Quirks/Habits:
x● Religion/Philosophy:
x● Political Affiliation:
x● Outlook: Positive. He knows from bad times can become good ones.
x● Likes:
x● Dislikes:
x● Usual Demeanor: Quiet. Head tilted down. Slight frown.
x● Quick to Anger or Difficult to Anger: Difficult to Anger.
x● Easily Approachable or Not So Much: He's approachable, at least, when he's not armed.
x● Introvert or Extrovert: Introvert.


x● Describe your characters History/Background. Be sure to include things such as:
x● Hometown:
x● Childhood trauma: His father cutting out his eyes and carving up the area around his eyes.
x● Parents/Siblings: Mother. Father. Two Brothers. One Sister.
x● How events shaped their outlook on life: Well, asides from a few close encounters, and a rough relationship with his father until he was five, after that things took a significant upturn. The relationship with his father drastically improved, his innate battle and hunter sense came to life, sharpening his prowess in the strict combat lessons his father had gotten private tutors for.


x● Where are they now?
x● What are their fears?
x● What are their goals?
x● What purpose do they feel their reason for existing is?
x● What drives them?
x● What are their current beliefs?


x● Do they know their heritage well? If so, does it resonate with their personality? (Ex. A viking having a brash and impulsive, violent personality)
x● Powers: A sixth sense that him the ability to function quite well in combat and hunting, while not giving him sight, it forewarns him of blows, enemy routes and good times to attack. However, it starts off relatively weak at the beginning of battle, becoming more pronounced as time goes on.
x● Weapons: Sai-handle Katana. Wakizashi. Metal Razor Wire. Four throwing knives.
x● Talents:
x● Social Standing: Son of the Grand Duke, there are less then a handful of people higher then him. His people look at him with a mixture of pity, envy, and respect.