Story of my life

Hello my name isn't really important the fact of the matter is I've had many different names so telling you the one that I am currently going by doesn't really seem to matter to me. Before I go on I must say that this is completely for me and not for anything in particular. I guess you could call this my memoirs or my journal or even an interview but all that really doesn't matter does it? What matters is the tale so here it is.
I can remember the beginning being out there on the arctic plains looking out at the see of snow before me, the cold air filtering through my lungs. I came from a small village of no concern. My people we nomadic for the most part but settled in for a month or so, here and there as was the custom in these harsh lands. The many tribes got along in a half shambled way of fighting and trading but it worked as long as no one made waves. My childhood is that of a blur as it is with most peoples when looking back from long in the future but it was a good life. I trained in the forge and took up swordplay as was the custom for young boys, by my teenage years I could craft as well as any but the feats on the battlefield where what impressed my tribe. My weapon of choice was a great axe that I had crafted myself, unlike most youth I didn’t adore it with patterns or symbols mine was plain simple a tool for a task that I took care of.
I settled down without the usual ambitions of youth that take boys to war with other tribute for it wasn’t as important to me as the sandy blond hair of a beautiful woman. She tamed my wild spirit and made a man out of a boy. The tribe rejoiced at our marriage and the birth of our son and daughter. My role to the tribe became that of blacksmith, hunter, and father but in everyone’s mind the boy who mastered the great axe still lived. To me and my family though it seemed a lifetime had passed since then. The children grew and I wound up taking the lead of many of the tribes small fights to maintain individuality from the other tribes.

One faithful morning me and a team of huntsmen crested a slope on the way back to the village and found to our horror it was no more, all that remained was plumes of smoke and cold bodies. As we pressed toward the town we saw the scar in the snow and ice of a battle fought quickly but heartfelt. Not a woman or child lived they had slaughtered them all but even down to the youngest there was evidence that they put up a fight. The strangest part was walking into the remains of the family house, finding the remains of a dinner half eaten, a wounded but now dead wife run through in the bedroom. My hurt sunk even further finding the violated and tortured remains of my daughter. My son wasn’t found until much later through, he had put up a fight near the other side of the village. He died a man in battle for his people. The other huntsmen and gave them all a proper send off to the next life but there is where we parted ways, with no home to return to the decided it hunting down the ones who had done this would only lead to more bloodshed and lost especially since our greater numbers at the village had been over powered what chance did a couple huntsmen have. Unbeknownst to them a fire burned inside of my heart and I chose a different path the path of revenge.
Months past across the wastelands I stalked my prey, the warriors who had slaughtered my people. I passed through several tribes and learned that a southern force had moved north and was destroying any and all who stood in there way that wouldn’t convert. Each visit with the tribes I met with the leaders and every time they had decided to either convert or simply move out of the path, each and every time they tried to convince me to do the same. Looking into my eyes the elder warriors knew that no matter what anyone said or did I had chosen my way and would not stop until I had avenged my people or died trying.

Nearly a year passed before an elder shaman informed me that the people I hunted were a day’s walk from there village. She advised me not to go that it was suicide for a single warrior to oppose the forces that lay in wait. I told her of the horrors I had seen, of the path of destruction these people would leave in their wake and warned her to take her people and flee. She stood strong with a fire in her eyes and told me that they would rather die to the last man, woman, and child than run from them. I couldn’t help but smile. I wished her and her people luck and set out at dusk. Late that night the village could hear the sounds of battle and the song roaring from my lungs to the gods above. The shaman emerged from her tent at sunrise and to her surprised I stumbled badly wounded into town. Her and her people quickly took me in and began working on my wounds. I awoke two days later barely alive to the sounds of battle. My attack on the southerners hadn’t done much but stall them from their attack, for every man a dropped two more seemed to have appeared in the fallen ones place. Wearing nothing more than a loincloth I grabbed my axe and stumbled out of the tent. With a roar my people’s song exploded from my lungs and I took up what appeared to be the losing end of a fight. The southerners were amazed and horrified that I still lived and had enough strength to raise my mighty axe. The people of the town took up a song of their own, a prayer to the gods above. The sheer volume demoralized the enemies, shook them to their cores. The fight came to a surprising end shortly thereafter, the town spirits renewed, strength restored fought like legends with a man who rightly should be dead without armor leading the charge.
As the final blows fell the southerners were in full retreat and the shaman approached me. She came to thank me for assisting them and god knows what else but before she could begin to speak I dropped to my knees then fell face first into the snow. BE it adrenaline or gods will, or some other miracle I had lived long enough to save a town from the same fate as mine but my body shattered, torn, and ripped finally gave out. My last words came out as the name of someone long since forgotten by everyone else.
I remember darkness, blackness without light, without hope, without end. I have no idea how long it lasted but it seemed to go on for eternity until suddenly there was a bright light and music. I don’t remember much of that time, it is all a blur. Even the clearest of memories are in a fog that makes it seem unreal and hides the details from my minds eyes. One thing I do remember was the shock I had upon finding wings coming out of my back. Later I learned where I was and I still find it hard to believe that even after all the violence I made it into heaven.
The days in Heaven passed faster than normal or so it seemed to me. The angels called me one of the chosen, a human god had elevated to the rank of angel. Most of the angels didn’t accept me I was unlike them, scarred, muscular, big, and I wasn’t created with the powers or knowledge they possessed. They spoke to me and took me to an improvisational training center that had been constructed for a few angels, like myself, who had earned wings not been born with them. We were the freaks, the ones that everyone wondered why we had been chosen and many times even asked us. None of us had any idea, uncommon as it was there were a few of us. The days blended together a steady stream of studying scripture and learning the “proper” fighting methods of the guardians of heaven. Each of the initiate angels was given a mentor, looking back I wonder if them being mentors was punishment or training for them. My mentor was one of the strongest angels around, and beautiful more beautiful than you could imagine. He was a harsh master and expected perfection even form a flawed angel of a human as he often referred to me. I learned he hated humans more than anything else, even more than the forces of darkness that were constantly slamming against the gates. He loathed humans for being imperfect dirty creatures that didn’t deserve the place god (father as he referred to him) gave us. Even after getting my wings he treated me as one of them.
As the endless weeks drew on my mentor pulled me out of training and decided to teach me the “proper” ways. He and I spent days alone fighting training and learning different arts until he was satisfied. I learned that he hide his hatred from the others because they wouldn’t understand they took “father’s” word as an unquestionable law while he didn’t. In turn I confided in him that while the scripture and word of god had always meant something to me that all I truly wanted was the power to protect my family, to protect all I loved so I wouldn’t have to bear to lose it again. It was there that I made my greatest error; he took my fears and doubts and nurtured them for months. He let me see how some of the other angels treated the people like my family and made me see it as worse than it was, pitted me against them, helped me alienate all of them and even my family until all I had was him. The he came to me and offered what seemed like a light in the darkness, a way to gain more power. If my training had been done properly in the school I would never have made the choice that I did but learning from my mentor alone I didn’t know not to mess with the powers of darkness. HE told me that the darkness the demons had power, power that the angels could tap into if they so choose but that out of fear the archangels had banned the practice. In secret he showed me how, how to become a master of all the dark had to offer.
Our new training didn’t last long though for soon the others found out what he had been doing not just with me but with other angels as well. They called him corrupt, fallen, lost and but he stood and defended himself and when the call to arms went out sides began to be chosen. Civil wars of the angels were upon us. The fight didn’t last long Michael over powered majority of the forces by himself simply by appearing once he raised his sword though only my mentor stood to even attempt a fight. I remember Michael pleading asking why he had turned against his brethren and was rebelling, my mentor, Lucifer replied simply “For you worship the newest creation of father an imperfection that should be swept away not let in here to soil this land to!” As the two mighty forces clashed the smaller angels who had bowed out and Michael’s arrival took the chance to rise up again while he was distracted with Lu. Craving the power and despising the angels for hating what I was I chose the wrong side and fought against them and even with the dark powers we had acquired we were no match for Michael and the other archangels. Driven out without any prospect to return we followed the only master we had into the darkness.
Years passed with small fights between the forces of light and dark, each time darkness’ strengthen while lights weakened it seemed. As lu’s apprentice I became of prince of darkness, as one of the few angels with a might grasp of the powers of evil I became a tool, a weapon he sent to deal with problems within his domain. I cared not for the politics or ruling a kingdom or even finding a mate all I wanted was the power to make a difference and the darkness offered it so I dove into it. The longer we stayed out of heaven the more powerful we became Lucifer having mastered the darkness long before our decent was the most powerful of us all, the years of training and fighting against humans, the darkness, angels, and now other fallen angels and demons made me powerful. My appearance twisted and changed to reflect the darkness within, the others feared me and Lucifer couldn’t have been more proud of how far I had come. Knowing my ambition was lacking he didn’t place me in command of any sort but instead had me carry out dirty work on both side of the field.
The forces of darkness didn’t ever get a moments peace though, heaven was always pushing the borders trying to wrought out there fallen brethren. Finally after many years they had a major victory where they caged and hide Lucifer from the forces of evil. By this time the amount of fallen angels was extremely small, the demons now organized were happy to be rid of their unwanted king. The other angels hid in there many kingdoms cut off from the outside and one another content to live in their own pieces of darkness. Unlike them I stood where I had with Lucifer on the frontline shaping those who would disobey into compliant soldiers and getting rid of those who bothered the ones in charge. As time passed working for the demons grew stale my powers had plateaued and I began to realize all that which I gave up to gain this power was why I had wanted the power in the first place. The demons saw I was restless and feared that I might try and take over where Lucifer had left off but they also knew better than to try and get rid of me through force, they had seen my prowess in the battles against the angels. Seeing that the others of my kind were content to live in isolated kingdoms the current ruler suggested I take leave to guard an important up and rising ruler and his wife in a kingdom far from his lands. I knew there was nothing else for my by the throne so I accepted, perhaps a change of scenery would be all I needed.
My stay as a Guardian of the petulant young ruler was short. Nothing I did pleased him yet he wouldn’t speak against me knowing I could end his kingdom without assistance and that the powers in charge would say roughly nothing to me for it. The company of his wife was what got me through my time there; her beauty was not lost on me as it was on the king with all his ambitions to power. The powers that be saw my interest in her and talked the king into putting me as her guard, a way to keep me around if I was needed yet out of his daily business. The king accepted the idea without thought for having me in his kingdom made it protected from attack from all but the strongest of his rivals and my new position would keep me away from him and treating him like a child.
Hi wife loved the assignment and our affair began almost immediately. For the first time in several millennia I was in love, even seeing that the queen had no true feelings for me didn’t keep me from coming back time and again. The queen wanted power as much as her husband and knew how to get it. She used sex and magic to advance far beyond a demoness of her stature, and with me as her body guard offering my power to her goals she became near unstoppable. Decades passed before the king realized what was going on and by that time it was too late the powers that be had decided his stay as ruler had come to an end and that I was to use lethal force to make it happen. His wife had no care for his wellbeing and saw it as an opportunity to take control and gain a higher rank. Betrayed by my own guards the king knew I was coming and what my goal was, upon reaching his chamber and in the process destroying all of his staff I found him holding his wife within a circle.

If I came any closer he would kill her and use the magic in her blood to seal her to a soul in the lifestream, meaning she would be reborn as a human and when the human died she would be reborn again. The process would seal her memories and powers and keep her forever more out of my reach. For the first time since my heart was still beating I hesitated, the second major error in my lifetime. His hidden forces surprised me and bound me, shredding my magnificent wings and stripping me of armor and weapons. He took his chance to berate me and tell me I was a fool, to have such power and waste it on a whore. Using my own blade he ended her life and sealed her into the lifestream, laughing that all I was going to accomplish was dying with her for her fate had been seal either way. Before her body even hit the floor the once dormant power erupted out of me in the full force that hadn’t been seen since Lucifer himself fought. His men struck me with magic and weapons, none of which had any effect.
The powers that be watched from far away through magic as the wrath of a fallen angel destroyed an entire kingdom unchallenged by any of its inhabitants. There fear grew and they began to worry what would happen if I didn’t stop with just that kingdom. It was then that they knew that it was time that the last of the active angels had to go. The only question that remained for them was how could they get rid of something with such power.
My anger couldn’t subside not even after all the demons in the kingdom were destroyed, not even after the once beautiful kingdom was nothing more than shatter ruins. I had lost my love again, once as a human now and a fallen, I couldn’t handle it. I wandered the far recesses of the darkness and found a cave that became my tomb for centuries. My ambient energy kept all the nearby inhabitants away from the cave for fear that they might wake the slumbering beast. It wasn’t until three old witches wandering into my home that I awoke. Before I could lash out with power to destroy them the witches made me an offer that I couldn’t decline. They said they had found a way to seal, even one of my power, to a gem and then bind the gem to the soulstream, like my love, allowed me to be reborn as a human. The chance to perhaps find her again overwhelmed me and I agreed. They told me that I would have all my memories and powers and when my human vessel died I would be reborn yet again just like her allowing us to dance for eternity on the earthly realm. I allowed them to seal me and bind me to a soul, making three major errors in my lifetime.
The powers that ruled the darkness were excited there plan had worked flawlessly. Once they knew they couldn’t kill me they decided that the next best thing would be to simply get rid of me and what better way than to seal me to another realm. The witches working for them sealed me more thoroughly than the deceased king had sealed his wife. They made sure my power couldn’t leak into the human vessels that I would possess and that my memories would stay hidden deep within the subconscious. The powers that be saw this as a permanent fix to the problem but they couldn’t foresee what would one day happen.
I remained bound and seal for god knows how many lifetimes, each time I would feel and experience small parts of the vessels life and each time I would pound against the barrier that kept me in unable to escape. Countless deaths befell me each time I was helpless to prevent them. Slumber. Slumber was the only answer, if my power couldn't breach the barrier then I would have to retreat into myself and sleep through the centuries until I could be set free. Only once the barrier was down would I be able to live again, to search her out, to find my love.

Creatures (prologue)

For Thousands of years they slept but now they live again and the world will once again face the fear, chaos, and pure evil that these creatures bring with them.
Every couple of decades I go and cast a new magical barrier on the creatures home. I though my last spell would have lasted longer because of the energy I had spent on it, so I went on vacation. I took a trip down to Japan and was taking courses on traditional martial arts. When I returned, the first thing I did was check to see if my barrier had lasted but of course it was gone and the eggs were hatching. If the hatched I couldn't stop them even with barriers and I knew I had less than one month before they hatched. Knowing this I had to go and recruit a army to try and stop them while we had a chance. I asked a old friend of mine to watch the cavern and to let me know if any got free while I went and trained the army. I have to Stop them before they all hatch. This is my tale...

Almost Alien (Tsubintr's tale)

Slowly and silently Tsubintr walks out on a tree limb as he reaches its end he pears into the window a few feet away. Inside a young beautiful woman slept. He watches her silently for several moments, while he sits there watch her sleep he starts to remember what had happened the week before he got out of jail for destruction of property and a bar fight. He picture the target in his mind, the image enrages him like nothing else could. Soundlessly he jumps down and lands ni a patch of dry leaves and even walking through the leaves no one could hear even the slightest sound from his footfalls.
Tsubintra had grown quiet accustom to his new life and now he had to put it on the line for a girl, no not just any girl, the girl he cared more about then anything, the girl he loved. A week before she had been kidnapped and she was lucky to be home safely already but the criminal had avoided capture. Now Tsubintra know where the person was and he wouldn't stop until they were punished. He didn't want to punish them but if the police couldn't then he would even though it might mess up the life he currently had. When someone looked upon him they would think "He's just a jock, nothing else" or "He is just a normal teenager" both were no were near the truth. His age was unknown as was his true appearance. With mere will he could change his appearance and clothes. He was a killer, a cold blooded murderer, tonight he would add another name to his list of victums.
Tsubintra enters a small patch of woods so he can change his appearance. With a wave of his hand he is wearing a professional looking black suit and as he moves his hand over his head his hair starts to dull and gray. He pulls out his sun glasses and puts them on making him appear as a agent of the government. To finish his outfit he take out his drivers license and transforms it into a clearance card ID, je takes out the SAPD badge and smiles remembering this cops death. He waves the memories away and changes it into a FBI badge. Now he is ready, now he was to take his revenge.

A New Day (Xeno's Story)

"News papers are here." said the angry guard. No one ever comes except one man. As he walks up to the front of the building to let the guard in it happens just as usual. The walls of the makeshift hall shake and you can hear them calling for you. The man ignores them and gets his paper from the guard. "why do you make me do this everyday?"
"I like to know what is going on in the world." Xeno replies dryly.
"Nothing. They just keep coming and we are losing more and more soldiers everyday."
"I am working as fast as I can but I cannot find a pure strand of the virus. Without that I cannot make the weapons immune to the virus."
"They can fight without being immune..."
"Yes, they can. But do you want our super soldier being turned?"
"Of course not, but we are running low on man power..."
"I am waiting for the day when those idiots tell me to stop work and join the battle, then things would be different."

Tale of a Vampire

Sometime, long ago in the mid 1100’s, is when it all began. I mean, when the first vampire was made. I mean me.
I first learned of my gift, or as some people say curse, when I was fourteen. The first thing I learned was that I could not go out in the daylight. I also didn’t crave food or need water. More than one night I lost control and feasted on family or friends. From then on I know I had to drink blood at least twice a night to stay in control. Soon I found out I could jump high, I had super strength, and I could turn people into the thing I was. Over the years we gained the name “Vampire”.
In the year 1459, humans learned our weaknesses. Sunlight, silver, crosses, and wood through our hearts where the only way to hurt us. In 1497, some people built a resistance against us. At night they hunted us, and sometimes they raided our hideouts during the day when we couldn’t run. Friends from the 1100’s had been killed. As a result me and other vampires attacked resistance families while they slept, even at times turning there loved ones into part of our family forcing them to kill there wives and kids. My plan worked, for when they found a vampire in there rage they fought carelessly. We won more often when they were in this rage.
In 1555, a race of “slayers”came about. Humans but with all of our powers and strengths yet none of our weaknesses. They hunted not only us but demons too. The way we killed them was we started traveling in packs of four or five to feast. This worked well for the slayers only traveled by themselves so we out numbered them.
I learned then, that old friends die and new ones are made. Since slayers were powerful like us we made allies with other demons to gain a edge on this new annoying race.
By the early 1600s, only the most powerful slayers lived, but they somehow kept multiplying. By 1672, I could easily kill a slayer on my own without help of others from the clan. My kill count was thirty-five which marked me as a danger to slayers. In 1758, the demons saw how many of us there were and they turned on us, giving out hideouts to the slayers. We then developed a way of marking our hideouts so only vampires would know. But despite our efforts we all almost died by a explosion that caved in our roof during the day. Three hundred years passed until we hunted again for hours at night unafraid.
Now it is 1801, and our numbers are in the thousands. We still hunt to fill our needs and no more. We fight little with the slayers, we run and hide more. Most slayers forgot about us well that is for only 74 years. Then when the sun set in 1875 a tleast two thousand of us attacked a city. We killed three towns before we faced another slayer or two per town. People led resistances with slayers it seemed.
One night an apocalypse demon started the biggest battle. Slayers from everywhere came and fought. Meanwhile us vampires gather and watched. When the battled ended a thousand or more vampires attacked. Very few slayers or vampires escaped this massacre. I didn’t join in this battle though I just watched.
As long as there are people, demons, and slayers, vampires will live on. Strong but hidden until the right time.
It is 2003 now, but we remain hidden still.


Vampirism has been highly debated throughout many centuries, for being considered a dark arts and for persecution. When most people think of a vampire they picture a being that looks like a human but with elongated fangs used for drinking blood; they also believe that crosses, holy water, and a wooden stake to the heart or sunlight kill vampires. Are these statements true? Do these “Vampires” exist? The answer is not always as clear as yes or no for some religious cults do believe that if you drink the blood of others you shall gain the strength of them and develop a phobia of the sun. But vampires as in other beings is not as simple as blood drinking and staying away from holy things. Vampires abilities and weaknesses change often but stay to a general basis like sunlight kills/wounds them. The abilities of vampires are thus: super human strength and speed, gift of flight or transformation into a bat, regeneration, hypersensitive, and the ability of mutation. Vampires weaknesses and negative abilities are: burning/combustion/melting on contact of sunlight, melting combustion on exposure to holy water, burns at the touch of the cross, decapitation causes a death like status, stake to the heart causes death like status, burning/melting on contact with h2o, can not cross water unless safely inside a coffin, and death unless refreshed with at least a pint of fresh blood.

Hell Beasts 666 (rewrite)

For thousands of years they slept. And now for years they will rule again. Off the shore of Alaska, on a little island a glacier cracks and begnis to wash away. A man sees something inside the glacier so he contacts his friends, gets a boat and goes to check it out. He and his friends break off the ice and there is a beast inside. they get the ice to shore and they realize that it is not a human, it looks some what like a black panther, human, and dinosaur combined. The man contacts the official science academy.
They go and check out what is happening on this island and it turns out that the island is a giant nest with tens of thousands of eggs. When they start studying the creature they decide to melt it out of the ice. When they were finished they find out what a horrible mistake it was. the creature wasn't dead, it was frozen during a hibernation period and was still alive. They tried everything to stop it, but with its giant fangs, claws, and unpiercable hide the creature is very dangerous. one scientist shot it with a shotgun and all it did was provoke it. One of the scientists called up a general and told him what they had done and about how many more of these things there are.
By the time the army had reached the island everyone was dead and the beast was digging up its eggs. Tanks shot the beast and knocked it off the island but it jumped back up unharmed. The beast charged and tore through the tank as if it were butter. Bullets flew, blood was everywhere, and bone and steel, fire and ice became one. The U.S. asked Canada for assistance, then Canada asked Russia for help. Word Traveled fast about these creature which would pose a threat to all of the world on just one country or continent.
I first heard about what was happening six months later from one of my men. I instantly called off out expedition up Mt. Everest to explore the rumors of monsters up there so we could go and see real monsters that were confirmed. It took three months to reach Alaska. Now nine months since the first incident there were no more frozen eggs, but only nine of the eggs had hatched. The armies started to believe the Alaskan legends that the beasts inject a poison that turns you into their slaves by biting you and that only the hero of the land had blades that could pierce their hides. At the end a million were dead and the hero of the land had over two million bites. The poison made him start a hibernation cycle as well

The Hunted (Shinma's Journey)

Two men dressed in all black approach a man wearing a dark blue trench coat with its collar up to the bottom of his eyes and a Japanese hat pushed down so that all you can see is his eyes. he hears them coming and stands up and turns toward the,. In his deep raspy voice he asks "Why have you come after me?"
"You are wanted murderer, what else can bounty hunters do?"
"I murder, kill, and destroy everything and anything I want to."
The bounty hunters look at each other feeling as id they expected to be attacked. "Shinma, you have helped the special unite get rid of some of the worst bad guys-"
"Yes and all that did for me was make me a wanted man by both good and bad guys."
"you can not defeat me, all you are doing by chasing me and challenging me is signing your own death certificate."
The hunter who hadn't spoken takes a step backwards as the other attaches a weird machine to his arm. "We devolved weapons to fight you Shinma, we aren't as defenseless as you think!" The other hunter shouts at Shinma. Shinma turns his steel grey eyes to the hunter sending a shiver down his spin. The hunter raises the weapon trying to point it at Shinma but Shinma charges forward and lift the man off the ground by his neck with one hand while he gives him two quick punches with the other hand to his gut knocking him out.
"Pathetic performance" Shinma says as he begins to laugh. He drops the broken hunter off the Hollywood sign they were standing on and turns toward the other one.

Space Wars (Prologue)

Hope, the thing that has let mankind survive for hundreds of years, the force that allows mankind to keep trying even when there is no chance that it will work. How can we survive if it is lost? Will mankind just collapse and die out? Well, now we shall see if we can prevail once again in a time of chaos, darkness, disease, death, and evil. They are coming, though no world has been able to stand against them and if a world tries to stand against them and if a world were to try the "Dark Ones" would just obliterate the rebel forces as if they were flies. These "Dark Ones" are a race of pure blooded humanoids that posses incredible strength, speed, and they have steel hard skin. They wear armor that can withstand weight up to five tons and can take a blast from a rocket without being scratched. Man kind shall be hard pressed, worse than ever before. We must stand together as one for apart we shall fall forever. Ever since the destruction of earth mankind has fought all odds , we have won and we have lost but we still live and that is truly what matters.
I was one of the smart ones, at the battle for Earth I sought out immortality. Many thought it was a foolish dream, others believed I had ssimply lost my mind, well now they know the truth, now they know there is hell, and now five hundred years later I am still alive and strong.