(Kurt Vonnegut Style-Practice)
James walked over to Gwen, Gwen turned, then James frowned.
"Hey, I missed you." he said
"Yea, same." she said
"Are you okay?" he said
"Yea, totally. Why do you ask?" she said
"Never mind." he said
James shook his head, pushed his hair back, then sighed.
"Oh. You can't come over again today." she said
"Again? Why not?" he said
Gwen paced side to side. Pulled her sleeve down and stretched with a yawn.
"Just...You can't." she said
"What's that. On your arm?" he said
"Nothing." she said
James looked hard into Gwen's eyes. Relaxed his gaze then pulled up her sleeve.
"James." she said
"He hit you again. And even worse, their bigger." he said
"No, James. I fell in Lacrosse." she said
"Is that what your dad said?" he said
"Only if he has to." she said
"Then tell me why you fell." he said
"Because he had to." she said.