I don't even care, here i go. but first, i remember the Halloween events that TinierMe hosted... you collect things and trade them with friends, creating new things and trading those free (even though difficult) creations for prizes. creating, meeting cool friends, and free prizes. gaia online's Halloween event requires users to donate MASSIVE amounts of gold to the system in order to even participate. once they drain people of their gold, people are forced to play gaia more often to replace that gold, and the gaia admins make more money. real money, that is.
to all the people who have been talking about how money hungry TinierMe was, do you know why they had to close the site? they weren't making enough money to keep the system running, and they weren't willing to TRASH the site, and shower it with garbage and passive aggressive money rackets- um, MUCH like Gaia Online. i've heard so many jerk gaians bash TinierMe, but look at gaia? Flynn's Booty and Flynn's Chest (oh, those references... stay classy, gaia) were total money rackets, to passive aggressively get users to buy small amounts of Gaia Cash, which costs REAL money, and trade it for larger amounts of gold, which is worth jack. gold is useless anywhere but gaia, much less anywhere else online, and MUCH less anywhere outside the internet. gaia online has messy graphics, it is polluted with ads, and constantly littered with these gaia cash events for gold. gaia is the single most money hungry website i've ever used, TinierMe was less money hungry, and much more appealing to the eyes.
if this was a forum post, you people would anonymously NAIL the dislike button. TinierMe was less money hungry, and much prettier. not to mention, the people were much better. i apologize to the people that have been at gaia for quite a long time, because i'm sure you have sentimental feelings toward this site, and these FACTS might hurt a bit, but i loved TinierMe, and to the morons who bashed it without ever playing it, gaia is a million times worse. and a million times more petty, and a million times uglier. this coming from someone who has actually PLAYED TinierMe AND gaia. i would know.