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I see what you did there, Gaia.
You purposefully inflated the gaian economy - skyrocketing the prices in such a way that people who were addicted to the awesomeness of your items were willing to work harder and pay more to get what they wanted. ... But you inflated the prices, without raising the exchange rates for real currency into gaia cash. We still get the same amount of cash... and it doesn't go nearly as far. So we have to pay more to get the same amount in value. Then you start pumping the site with huge items, exclusive clubs for people with money, games mimicking addictive substances that require GC (thus real cash) in order to play, and glitter-coated sale offers every time we blink!

Now EVERYTHING costs insane amounts, and we STILL aren't getting any more GC for our $. (and set yourself up so that if you start giving it now it will only fuel the issues further!) And you are no longer relying on the long-run-long-term users who don't make you money because they make their funds via things like careful vending - so you push them out to help inflate things even more.

Because you hope your business will profit from blasting eye-candy at the impulse-driven younger generations who haven't learned the meaning of the words responsibility, practicality, or frugality. They may be here and then gone, but there are millions of them, and people keep right on breeding so you figure 'what the hell, they are a renewable resource.'

I see what you did. And I think it is wrong.

I believed in supporting the site when I could, since I use your services - the forums are my second home after all, and my friends-like-family are here. I bought donation letters when I could afford to, and even splurged on GC on rare occasions when I had a little bit to spare. But the sort of marketing you are resorting to now is not ethical in any way. It is a blatant veering away from the community and creative-driven space that Gaia used to be, and though I love this place and will stay here for my friends alone until you decide to get rid of the rest of the soul-that-was-Gaia and kick us all out, I will not be buying Gaia Cash again. Ever.

Because I am a practical, responsible, frugal-minded person who lives in the real world, with real needs, such as food and housing for my family, gas for my car so we can get to work, and supplies for my career as an artist. I cannot invest in something I feel is unstable - the world the way it is does not give those 97% of us living here in reality the leeway to do so.

I am sorry for your artists and developers who are amazing people. I am sorry for the technical staff who have put in their blood, sweat, and never-ending nights into keeping our forums running. I am sorry for all of the people who are involved with the amazing creation that Gaia was - because they are having to sit there and watch you destroy it piece by agonizing piece so you can line the profit margin with extra padding. And they have to watch, so they can have a paycheck to put food on their tables, because they are real people too and jobs are not easy things to replace these days. I know that with the world economy the way it is your business expenses do increase as well, but let's be honest about this - with all the corporate greed that has torn people's lives apart and then been caught in the act, we're all learning to be skeptics when we see the patterns repeat themselves.

You are killing the powerful thing we have all worked so hard to create, and what you are building in it's corpse is a failure teetering on the edge of an end. I am sorry to see it happen.

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