Okay! So, all is awesome in the world of MoonSnowMouse. Btw, thanks in advance for reading this, friend beasts. i love you guys >=O
so... nine days! nine days until i get to scour the Kalos region. i'll play is so many times... x'D
I'm so psyched about Mega Evolutions, and Mega Charizard X! but, the new region, the new characters... if i go on, it'll just take up the whole entry. everyone knows how much i love Pokemon anyway, so i'll just fanboy over this on my own time...
this October... well, this October will be great. October has to be my favorite month 0.0
so many awesome things are going on, and not just Pokemon X and Y Versions. i'm so psyched these days. i'm going to start writing like crazy any one of these days, so maybe i'll be publishing more stories =P
this Autumn... this Fall. this Autumn has to be the Autumn of the Mouse! everything i do will be awesome, i'll have the time of my life! >=P
now is a time of Far Cry, and Scissors, Nails for Breakfast by Panic! at the Disco, Creeping Death by Metallica, long walks in the dark while listening to music, and raising Pokemon like crazy for Pokemon X and Y, even though i would be raising them like this anyway x'D
i am so excited! ;w; the Autumn of the Mouse arrives. things are good. i'll do fine! =P
besides, lately i've been having fun. the most fun things are the small things that i do by myself, like replaying Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team. it might not seem like alot to anyone else, but that game means alot to me, and fills me with inspiration to write... and it's just amazingly fun, anyway. i raised a Gyarados to Lv.100 and named him Sushi... I raised my Lugia to Lv.100, I raised my Celebi to Lv.100, I raised my Arceus to Lv.100. i am raising alot of legendaries these days, because i have very few at Lv.100, and they're so beautiful.... my Tentacruel is Lv.100 now, and i finished what i started a few months ago, and i raised my Dusknoir to Lv.100. i raised Blissey to Lv.100, and my amazing sweeper, Blaziken with Speed Boost, i raised him to Lv.100... not to mention, i've been having lots of fun with my friend Yoshi. he's my online friend who i talk to through Youtube PMs, he is an amazing battler and he has done so much for my collection of shiny Pokemon. not to mention, the Tentacruel with its hidden ability, Rain Dish, came from him as a Tentacool. Blaziken came from him, as a Lv.1 Torchic... Yoshi is the best. and he would destroy anyone in a battle.
This has been great! i'm back, everyone! =O i'm having tons of fun, and getting lots done lately =P
i hope this will be a time to remember. like last Fall...