The Multiverse

Chapter 1 = The displaced spartan

A lone ship floats through space with only a few crew mates in it, only one crew mate wasn't in suspended animation to preserve their life at the moment. As the person guided the ship just to make sure that they staid on course, an alert went off signalling that they weren't alone. Another of the crew mates who also wasn't in her pod walked over.

"What's wrong?" She asked as she sat in the co-pilots chair.

"I'm not sure. The sensor's picked up something, but I don't see anything on any of our radars." He said back to her as he began flicking switches around checking every last sensor they had not finding a single thing. The other one began to wake up some of the others just in case. One of the ones that woke up was a spartan named Wraith. He slowly began to to stand up getting on his two feet before doing what he needed to do before putting on his armor. He headed to the bridge and looked at the two pilots as the others were getting ready. Wraith had his helmet in his hand and his other hand was free.

"What's the situation?" He asked as he stood there and the pilots looked back at him.

"An alarm went off on one of our sensor's, but so far, I haven't seen anything on any of our sensor's." One of the pilot's said as the other got up and went to the back of the ship.

"Do you think it's the covenant?" Wraith asked the guy as he put his free hand against the wall near him.

"I'm not sure it could be, but it could also be a gl..." Before the pilot could finish what he was saying, he got a hit on the radar. "Well, it's not a glitch." He said as he began turning the plan seeing a destroyed space station.

"Looks like we are in a debris from something the covenant destroyed." He said as he kept looking around and then two more hits sounded on the radar. When they finally turned the ship around to see what was on the radar, they saw a covenant cruiser along with a banshee already flying towards them.

"s**t." The captain said as he began to turn the plain around and began to start away before they were being fired at and hit. "s**t, seems like they aren't playing around." He said as all the pods began to wake up. Some had spartans and others had some marines and doctors as well. Wraith began going to the back making sure his squad was all set. Half of them were by the time he got there.

"The covenant found us." He stated as some let out sighs and others just stood up and loaded their guns. Another shot managed to hit them.

"We need people on the gunners ASAP!" The pilot said through the intercom as a couple spartans ran to the guns and began shooting things down. "Our FTL is down, we need someone to go repair our mainframe!" The intercom stated again as Wraith looked at one of his squad mates. Her name was Jillian also known as Banshee as she was a good pilot and also good with hacking and repairing vehicles and weapons. She gave a nod to Wraith as she then headed off.

"Be careful." Wraith said to her as she nodded back to him and he headed back to the bridge. "Everything alright?" He asked.

"Yeah, as long as they don't just keep bombing us like that, we'll be able to get out of here." The pilot said as he began to flip more switches getting the FTL prepared. "As soon as the mainframe is repaired, we'll be able to get out of here in no time." The pilot said as Wraith nodded before a loud explosion and feel it shake the entire ship almost causing him to fall. "Crap, we have a haul breach near the back of the ship!" The pilot said as Wraith thought about it for a split second.

"That's where Banshee's at." He said beginning to head back there. When he got there, there was a large fire with people trying to put it out and he just began to run through it seeing his squad mate was still alive. She laid on the ground. "You alright?" He asked going over to her.

"Yeah, that explosion just knocked me back a bit." She said as she then got up and walked over to the mainframe and began working on it. "The FTL should be good to go." She said as she heard static on the intercom

"Preparing for FT...." The intercom was cut off by the sound of a large explosion knocking the two spartans back once more. Wraith began to stand up and head the bridge before more explosions began to go off, one after another. Wraith stumbled as he got to the cockpit and saw that the pilot had been knocked unconscious. Banshee followed behind and got right into pilot's seat and Wraith sat in the other seat helping her out as they both began to get the ship into FTL mode and as they did they looked over top seeing the cruiser charging their main cannon and as their ship began to hit light speed the cruiser launched it's main cannon completely hitting the ship as it disappeared from all the cruiser's sensor's.

When the ship come out of FTL mode it began to break apart as explosions went off through the ship. With in minutes the ship was completely destroyed. Wraith and Banshee were both floating through space. Wraith was fell unconscious, but the last thing he saw was the site of a worm hole opening up near him....TBC