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I write things and you read them. Yay
Beautiful With You Part Thirty-seven
Chapter Thirty-Seven

Jade couldn’t believe she had to keep this horrible note that David had given to her. But she knew she had to save everything because if one thing was thrown away it could ruin everything so she kept it in her purse even though she just wanted to rip it up and throw it out her car window. When she arrived back at school, she stayed in her car for a minute and took a deep breath. She had to remind herself over and over again she had already left the parking lot before he could get to his car and he couldn’t have caught up with her. She finally got out of her car and headed for the gate. Just as Norman promised, he was standing at the gate waiting for her.

“I didn’t think you would actually be here,” Jade said.

“Did you think I was just going to ditch you?” he said, “That would be kind of a dick move wouldn’t it? Besides, you sounded horrible on the phone. I wanted to make sure you were ok.”

“Well, thanks,” Jade said, “After everything I said before at the bookstore. Ya know, about how it was easy to move on after running into David, I don’t deserve all of this help Norman. And I’m really sorry.”

“I told you that you deserved you got,” he replied, “I wasn’t much better. You didn’t deserve any of this Jade.”

Jade nodded, “Thank you.”

They walked together to Jade’s class and had gone about halfway when Maya ran up to them, “Jade, I have something to ask you and you are in no way obligated to say yes.”

Jade nodded and let Maya take a minute to catch her breath. It took her a couple seconds to catch her breath and she took one final deep breath before breathing normally, “Ok, so you know how you have classes for the next hour or two right?”


“Well a friend of mine wanted to have dinner so I thought since you were here, you wouldn’t be alone,” Jade had a flash of panic so Maya quickly added, “I would be back here waiting for you before you even got out of your last class. I promised you I wouldn’t leave you and I’m gonna keep that promise.”

Norman stepped in before Jade could answer her, “Well, how about I stay here and take her back with me so you can stay out as long as you want and Jade doesn’t have to worry about being by herself?”

“I guess it’s fine with me but it’s up to her,” Maya and Norman both looked at Jade, who suddenly felt horrible for both of them, acting like a child who had to be baby-sat because she was a coward.

“Yeah that’s fine with me,” Jade finally said. Maya grinned and hugged her friend tight, “I’ll see you later Jade.”

Maya felt a little bad about leaving Jade but she knew that Jade was in good hands. If she didn’t trust Norman wholeheartedly, she wouldn’t have even left the campus to see Charlie tonight. But she trusted him. She knew Jade would be ok and she wouldn’t leave her tomorrow. She drove back home first to get dressed up for her night with Charlie. After changing into a nice dress with a short sleeved cardigan, she headed over to Charlie’s school. The parking lot was relatively empty with the exception of a few cars, which Maya found pretty surprising. She found a parking spot only a few feet away from the gate and she got out. As she grabbed her bag from the backseat, she heard a familiar voice saying her name. She turned and there was Richard with his bag over his shoulder and his car keys in his hand, “Hi Maya. A date with Charlie?”

Maya nodded and Richard refused to look at her up and down even though he wanted to. Richard just smiled, “Well, you look very beautiful Maya. You do.”

“Thank you,” she said. There was a long, awkward pause after that. Richard wanted to mention everything from this afternoon but he couldn’t make the words come out just yet. Maya had gone back to the things that were said earlier today but she had kind of expected him to just forget about it but it was like she could see the whole thing play out in his eyes like two little blue screens.

“About this afternoon,” he mumbled, “I shouldn’t have said anything. It put you in an awkward position especially with this new relationship. You managed to move on without me so I should do the same.”

Maya stepped closer to him with her head down staring at her feet moving towards him, “I…I don’t think I was…being entirely honest with you when I said I had moved on.”

A gasp escaped from Richard’s lips and Maya nodded with a small laugh, “I had fallen for you Richard. I was in love with you. When we had spent the night together when you gave me my Christmas present, I was sure you were the one I’d be with forever. I had thoughts about our future together. How can someone just get over that?”

Maya and Richard were now just inches away from each other. Richard looked down at his feet to hide a smile, “You thought about our future?”

“I did.”

“I thought I was the only one thinking about it,” he said.

“What happened in your future?” she asked softly.

“You were in the most beautiful white gown I’d ever seen,” he said, “And then we’re decorating a nursery and then we’re sitting in the living room together while our little boy and little girl play together on the floor.”

Maya started laughing as tears came to her eyes and she buried her face in his chest to hide her tear filled eyes, “Don’t make me cry you jackass.”

“Is it too late for that?” he asked. Maya looked up, wiping the tears off her cheeks, “I-I don’t know.”

He leaned over a little and before Maya could say anything else, he brought their lips together and she accepted him, entangling her fingers in his hair. She knew Charlie could come out to the parking lot and see them together but Maya’s brain wasn’t functioning properly in this moment.

Audrey went home that evening with throbbing elbows. She hadn’t been given a chance to clean them properly yet but once she got home she would wash her elbows thoroughly and wrap them up. She just prayed to god that she could drive out of the parking lot without Vanessa and Elizabeth popping out and doing something to her. She didn’t think even Maya could scare them off. And she knew once Jade found out about it she’d be just as mad as Maya had been and Jade could cause some damage of her own too. She recalled how Vivian’s face had looked after Jade had finished with her. And Audrey had a feeling Jade and Maya would probably come together and make a huge mess of these two girls if Audrey wasn’t there to interfere and they would make sure she wasn’t.

After she thought about the damage Jade and Maya could do combined, she thought about her trip to London. If she refused to give it up like Vanessa and Elizabeth wanted her to, she had until June to endure this and it was only mid February now. She had a few months to go and she had no faith in the dean despite what everyone kept telling her. She was honestly considering just giving up the trip to London but she wasn’t sure. She pulled up her driveway and went into the house, heading for the bathroom before saying hi to her parents. Luckily, both of them were busy and didn’t notice. She cleaned up her elbows and bandaged them up and then went back downstairs.

“Mom? Dad? Can I ask you guys a question?” Audrey said. Her parents dropped what they were doing and sat down on the couch, giving her their undivided attention. Audrey sat down on the recliner across from the couch and rested her elbows on her knees, which was slightly uncomfortable but she forgot about it pretty quickly, “If I decided I didn’t want to go to London would you be mad at me?”

Her mom and dad looked at each other with confused frowns and then her mother looked back at Audrey, “Why would you not want to go? London is an amazing city.”

“I know,” Audrey said, “But if I didn’t go, would you be ok with it?”

“That’s a really strange question Audrey,” her dad replied, “Especially considering winning this was all you could talk about for the past month.”

“Did something happen?” her mom added.

“No,” Audrey replied quickly, “Nothing happened. I just want to know.”

Her parents exchanged looks again and her dad looked back and shrugged, “I guess we’d be ok with it.”

“We just want you to do whatever makes you happy,” her mom added, “If staying here in California makes you happy, I guess you should just stay here. But if London is something you want, then go. We just want nothing but your happiness.”

Audrey nodded and then went back upstairs. She didn’t want to stay in California at all. She wanted to leave for London in June. She hadn’t had any time to look up the pictures of London or any of the sights on the internet because of how busy her weekend had become but Monday morning before she left for school she had gone on google and had fallen in love with the city and wanted to go. But Vanessa and Elizabeth had ruined the happiness and she wasn’t sure if it was going to be worth it anymore.

Oh Maya...silly silly Maya. I still ship that sh*t. I ship it hard. Hahahah! Also, Richard is super adorable and if Maya decides she wants Charlie I'll take him off her hands emotion_kirakira

ANYWAYS, yay! I kinda missed this story...so I decided to update twice in one night and I barely made it! Barely. I have almost 15 minutes to spare until it's tomorrow! wink

And Audrey...she's now named The Filler Queen. Goddammit Audrey. Hahahaha!

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