Subject Number 1

So basically the topic was body shapes. Preferences and such. There was talk about how subconsciously, people go after a certain body type and stuff but honestly... I disagree. One of my main thoughts is that as people, humans, the rulers of the earth, we have the ability to go against instinct. Maybe we've out grown it or maybe we've lost it, but we can definitely do things against our instinct. The thought that most guys just go for the bombshell body and vice versa. I think that's true, but not always. I dunno it seems like if we were just dragged along by instinct we'd have the entirety of men going after the fraction of women who fit this perfect shape. Eventually we would have just died out. Or became a race of super sexy people. Like Juandicimo from Fairly Odd Parents. There was so much more to this than I remember, but I plan on taking this one subject at a time. Why am recording this in my journal?... Maybe this is what I'll do with it. Keep it as a public online secret. If you find my wisdom, great. If not fine. Seems legit. Oooo.. this kinda makes me feel like Ansem.