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I got Steam!

As I was telling Matt yesterday, today I was going to get new glasses. I got to the optic at the mall and... found nothing but very ugly glasses. I bought some stuff (cards to buy games duh, hello kitty & piggy earrings and chocolate flavored/scented makeup) then I left in search of another shop with better glasses. Found a nice blue and teal pair, metal because I don't like plastic, but the place didn't have the best dr. I asked if they could get a full picture of the inside of my eyes and no, they only had the binoculars machine thing to look through. So I bought the frame and the other place with the good medical tech and lack of glasses (seriously why can't one place have both) was 1 hour away from closing and it was raining -a lot- so yeah... journey over. I'm at home with frames without glass. I'll take them to the optic tomorrow and get an exam, then wait however long for the glass to be made and I'll finally have new glasses. -.- I was hoping to get it all done today, but meh. At least I can get new games. I'm just getting started on Steam, which I got recently. Got lots of games thanks to Matt biggrin I'll have fun with that. I'm also still working on my Pokemon fanfic and some fanart of various things. Gotta do a network revamp once the fic is done and play all the games somewhere along the way. XD So yeah, it's been a while since I ranted/blogged other than posting updates so um... yeah. I'm gonna go post some pics of my blue hair now. Till next time!

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