I have an habit to cry in the bathroom,
even though I now have the room to myself.

I've cried hard, three times in the past few hours.
Calm and silent in between those minutes.
I've given myself the best pep talk,
than anyone close too my heart attempted.
I wish my special person would speak to me that way:
Hold me. Tell me "Its okay...
...It's going to be okay, I don't know how but it will"
Instead I had to chant it to myself.
More than a few times.

I often wonder why people are so quick too doubt, and judge...
Especially the person I'm in love with.
Just why.

I question my reflection, "Am I really irresponsible,
Just because my memories are scattered, and my speech isn't clear?"
The people close to my heart seem to all agree.
So it must be true..
I know I sound stupid
when I say that I either don't know, nor remember.
My fault, sorry.

I don't have many memories to live off of...
and the ones I do, I cherish them so much,
that I ignore the rest... Although I couldn't tell you that
Since you wouldn't understand.
Since we don't understand eachother..

In short, I'm Rapunzel, and your the street rat.
It's common sense that we view the world with different minds.

Still, why so quick to throw your opinions when I'm down
Why aren't these so loud and clear when I do something good?

Can I please expect the person I'm in love with to support me
even when the world doesn't... (?)
Can I please just have someone optimistic
with loving arms... (?)

No, too much to ask.
You've already done too much for me,
who am I to ask for more.

That would be selfish of me.
Forgive me.
How stupid.
You see my heart and brain don't agree with one another...
...I guess I'll just grown up, and everything well be right in the world

Oh wait. Growing up is a process.
And I missed out on that while I was being shelter'd
Here let me just kick start myself in gear.
Don't mind me.