So in previous entries, I proposed to write two "Confession Session" entries every month on any two days. Well, I wrote my first Confession Session a while ago, earlier this month, and now it's the last day of that same month.

Basically, either I write a "Confession Session" entry today, or I break my newly made promise with my possibly non-existent readers. I chose the former over the latter.

A lot of things happened recently that I want to write journal entries about, but whenever my motivation is at it's peak, as is my workload. I suppose I'll have to leave those desperately wanted entries to another time, right? Right.

Today's "Confession Session" will be about... wait. I don't really want to put quotations around "Confession Session" anymore. Let's restart.

Today's Confession Session will be about something that makes me high~!

That's correct! Math! No, no, no, not meth. I would never do meth.

I don't have anything against people who do meth, or any other form of drugs for that matter. According to my faith, I should be preventing such people from destroying their physical and possibly mental selves, but... I can't.

You know why? Because they seem find a comfort in doing such deeds. They're troubled, and doing drugs is their way to coping with that. It technically is my responsibility to help out those who I know need help, but I don't feel that they need help. Sure, some druggies need help, but not all of them.

I don't support drugs, but I'm not hellbent against it, either.

My friends and I sometimes joke around saying, "Hey, let's do math and get high... grades!"

Not funny? Well, I thought it was pretty humorous at the time.

Anyhow, yeah. I really like math. I thought everyone did, until I got involved in social media. I often see memes dissing math as "mental abuse to humans" or something like that. I understand now that math isn't for everyone. sad

It is for me, though. Whenever I do math, I feel overwhelmed with happiness. It's like... the world finally makes sense.

Think about it. In the real world, not everything has a right solution. Not everything can be attempted. Not everything is possible.

In math, sure, not everything is possible, but it can darn well be attempted. In school, at least, every math question has an answer. There's only one answer, and that is the right answer. I love that discreteness.

In reality, you don't know if what you did was right or wrong. You have no real way of checking, either.

In math, it's different. That's what I love about math. There are inequalities, but there are no uncertainties. It's magical, isn't it? I like to think so. It would be nice if more people shared my opinion.

Okay, well, I have homework to attend to. I really wish I could have made this longer, but the rumored work that associates itself with honours students is most definitely... not a rumor at all.

Today's lyrics are:
And I had the week that came from hell
And yes I know that you can tell
But you're like the net under the ledge
But I go flying off the edge
You go flying off as well

Comment below the song's title and artist, and a reward shall be granted! So far, of the many, many, many journal entries I wrote, only one person comment. He was right, though, so kudos to you, three to eight!

If you're reading this, feel free to check out my other entries. Originally, this journal started off as a way to release myself. To this day, it still serves that same purpose, but it additionally boosts my self-esteem.

I write about pretty personal things sometimes. My friend told me that we can't keep it all bottled up inside. It is true, as I have come to realize, but just writing journal entries doesn't cut it. It still feels bottled up inside because no one has read it, and so no one but me knows. That's why I'm greatly appreciative of readers, and especially commenters. Seriously, if you have any interest at all, even the smallest parcel of curiosity, go ahead and check my archives!

Until next time, I suppose. G'nights if it's night! yum_puddi