Tay is an angelic kitsune ( fox demon ), but has lost a few of her abilities due to chaotic nature and those she associates with. She appears to be in her early thirties and stands about 173cm. Though she's an excellent swordswoman, she's better known for her abilities to sneak and her dextrous nature which comes from the rogue part of her. Her occupation is "Guardian of the Gate of the Dead", which is where the skeleton wings come in.

Hair Style ( Second row, second from the right ).
Hair Color: Onyx
Eye Color: Turquoise
Skin Tone: Mariah
Other physical information? Tay has a curse called the "Peacebound", which is located on her right side. The sword stretches up her side and the wings span her stomach and back horizontally. She's an angelic kitsune (highly frowned upon [her father was the angel, her mother the kitsune] so she was subjected to a life of ridicule before she went to Marcswallow Academy and met Kyuuka, among others that helped her) which means she has black kitsune ears, tail and wings.

Tay was given the responsibility title of "Guardian of the Gate of the Dead" by the Archangel Mathei, her fathers superior, because her younger brother, the pure angel, Kaijze, didn't suit the job. Though she's thought of as a horrible being, those with power have come to realize and accept why Mathei chose Tay for that job. Tay's personality closely represents an INFJ, which is why she and Kyuuka get along well.

Tay's armour

The Tektek attempt is her outside of her armour and not in school attire:
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If an explanation of what the Guardian of the Gate of the Dead is needed, please ask!