Dave & Ol’ Red
1. Dave awoke with a start.
2. Today was going to be a great day.
3. He and Jim were going to the Race Rally in Daytona
4. But first, he had to give Ol’ Red, a 1970 red Mercury, a tune up.
5. Or else he would be giving the tow truck drive a call.
6. While tuning Ol’ Red, Dave was brimming with excitement!
7. He could only think of how everyone would be watching him win the Race Rally this year.
8. So when he had finished tuning Ol’ Red, Dave did not notice his wrench missing.
9. And while on the way to the Race Rally-BUMP! Something ran out of the back of Ol’ Red
10. With dread, Dave called the tow truck driver…He couldn’t get Ol’ Red to start.
11. Sadly, Dave watched the Tow Truck drive take Ol’ Red away.
12. Dave awoke with a start.
13. He had the most terrible dream, a dream where Ol’Red broke down.
14. He did not want that to become reality!
15. So while Dave was tuning Ol’Red this morning, he made sure to keep ahold of his wrench.