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DESU NA NO NI DESU~ (Something for you Japanese majors to get a headache from)
Only me, messing with my characters (and using a few of my friends if possible) to move along stories from their perspective.
Rising of the Sun God
In the twenty first century, the idea of using a sword would seem to be an archaic and ridiculous plan to most, but Kurrem Adams and his brothers still openly belted them on- often getting no more that curious looks from passerby, and were totally ignored by the officers. Customs officals knew to wave them through, if only to minimize possible damages, and otherwise it was little more than a strange fashion statement.
Jason had ground into him that this idea was for the best, no matter what kind of taunting he had to take from others his age- at school or otherwise.
"Kurrem, if you get caught without a weapon- especially as young as you are- there will be an empty box we bury for you." his eldest brother had explained when he'd first received the weapon. Most first graders were given a backpack, maybe a lunch box, and then walked to the bus.
Kurrem had been given four knives, a sword, a cellphone, and rations to last two weeks- give or take.
The world that he lived in was very different from that of anyone else he knew, outside of his family. At six, his mother had moved the family south- why he didn't know, but Timothy's dad had come by and helped them pack everything into the van.
Uncle Sun had been griping about someone being too stupid to understand the risks, and given Tim a staff- warning them all that he'd only be able to hold them off for a day. Kurrem remembered this day vividly- it was when their four person family had dropped to three.
Which had, in turn led to their constant running from place to place.
Now Kurrem was at a heritage site- which one he didnt know- but it was on a waypoint, a place where the boundary between the Human World and one of the Supernatural Worlds was thin. From the rumors in the area, it was a serpentine race like that of Laima or Naga according to Timothy. Jason was looking for any sign of the kidnapped humans, "Missing" according to the government, but that was only because who in there right mind would believe in snake people?
Timothy was actively scouting the area- probably griping over the radio that was supposed to be in his ear, but Kurrem had taken it out when Tim wouldnt stop talking about the 'damnable humid rainforest' and 'gargantuan insects'. Kurrem's job was easy anyway- he hadnt a clue on his divine heritage other than he had one, and had yet to show any sign other than a knack for combat, and a temper that would make a bull envious.
At least it was supposed to be the easiest job, Kurrem thought sourly as the telltale feeling of crossing the barrier slid over his skin like a film. Slowly Kurrem drew the sword he'd kept on his back and stepped up the, previously vine-hidden, stairs of the Ziggaraut behind him.
"Tim, Jason, Come in." he hissed into his headset, nervousness and worry making his voice strain. Static played for a bit before he heard a voice.
"Kurrem, what is it." his eldest brother replied, sounding a bit irritated.
"Jason, the barrier pulled me in- Im heading into the pyramid thing until one of you can get here!"
"Kurre-" Static again- the barrier had to be interfering with the signal "-et there, alright? Dont go-" static. "-de!"
Jason sounded like he didnt want to be disobeyed, but Kurrem had no idea what his elder brother was trying to tell him- the static caused the line to go dead far too quickly. The dark entrance to the pyramidal structure lay before him, and Kurrem gulped, knowing that the darkness before him was probably just as dangerous as the forest around- possibly more so, but even at nine, Kurrem knew that cover was preferable to bing out in the open.
The wind seemed to whisper around him, inside, inside... hurry, hurry...., and he took his first steps into the darkness.

Two entities faced eachother outside of the stone structure- looking like brothers, one garbed in a celestial white, the other wreathed in a outfit that exuded the idea of a black light.
"Trying to change history, are we?" The one in black said. "This is one of my favorite parts, dont even think about it." his eyes burned with a dark hatred, despite the friendly tone of his speech.
"This point is always chancy, if he's too late, she's toast- and if he's too early, so's he." the white one said, his eyes icy when looking at the dark one.
"We'll see who wins this round then-"
They rushed at eachother, and disappeared in a flash.

Kurrem had made it a few levels down, led by the whispers of the wind- for such a temple-like structure, he'd seen no priest-like individuals, which made him a bit curious.
His curiosity was sated, however when he reached what appeared to be the main room. Three individuals were on a raised altar, a girl who was chained to a stone table, and two snakelike lizardmen in tribal garb. Even from here, Kurrem could see the bloodstains, and his body began to feel strangely numb as he continued to watch.
The room was large, larger still than he'd first assumed. The far wall was made of a giant statue, of a bat-winged serpent whose mouth came to directly in front of the altar. The altar itself sat on a smooth pyramid, and the pyramid was surrounded by a writing mass of lizardfolk.
One of the altar things began chanting at the statue, raising both blade and arms in supplication to the statue as if in worship.
She'll die...., he wasnt sure at this point if it was the wind, or his own thought, but it spurred him into action- and the numbness concentrated itself behind his eyes.

She had cursed her own stupidity- there was no way her father would interfere to save her life. As she lay there on that stone, the cuffs that chained her there stripping her of her innate strength and otherworldly powers of birth, she waited as the Naga around her continued to offer her to their God- a being both like and unlike her father. They sought its favor, its lineage to come into one of their own. Perhaps her death wouldn't be entirely useless, though signs pointed to the idea that no one would ever realize what had befallen her.
"Hey!", the shout rang out, making her open her eyes and gasp.
On the ledge that had led to the entrance of this foully consecrated place, the sun rose- the wind roared with might that made her grandfather seem like a kitten, and in the center of it the figure stood, with a sword outstretched. His eyes burned black, and the creatures around her recoiled with a hiss.
This did nothing to deter the figure however.
Sand formed blades that slashed through the supplicants, and they fell like wheat as the wind carried him over to the altar.
As he came closer, she realized how small he was- less than half her full height as she was- much smaller than her full form- she wondered what manner of creature could be so small and powerful in such a humanoid form.
Still, the face was unsettlingly blank, and when his sword broke when trying to slash through the serpent priest that stood between them, he simply crushed its neck with one hand. He stared down at her, his eyes glowing ominously- but his red hair framed his face charmingly. Being killed like this wasnt so bad, she thought as flames incinerated the remaining priest. Once again, she closed her eyes and prepared to be killed.

Kurrem blinked- that was by far the weirdest situation he'd experienced. The shattered sword in his hand , and the dried blood he was covered in made his mind replay the last few minutes in his head as though it wasnt him.
He dropped the now-useless hilt to the ground with a clatter, and felt around his body- other than a bit of length to his hair and a now deep crimson color- no other changes seemed to have occurred.
He'd controlled the wind.
He'd shot fire.
"YES!" His powers had finally come in! He'd.... slaughtered enough snake things to leave an inch of blood on the floor. Gross.
The shifting of chains on the altar- and the teenaged girl thereupon- drew his attention. She seemed to be okay.... and the statue above them was REEEEEALLY creepy.
"Um... are you okay?" he asked hesitantly. She opened an eye to look at him again, almost questioningly. "Are you okay?" he repeated.
"Y-yes.." she said, a little haltingly. "Arent you going to kill me?"
"You know, to summon the God? I assumed that's why anyone would storm a Naga Temple."
"No!" Kurrem denied vehemently. "We're here to get the kidnapped people out- and hopefully convince the Naga to stop capturing people."
She looked around. "Well... I dont know about them, but you sure convinced me. If you're not going to kill me, then... are you here to save me too?" she looked a bit hopeful.
"Uuu... Yeah, sorry. Lemme see those chains." The shiny, black metal was still cold to the touch, and there was no hole to pick a lock of.
"I wouldn't-" she began, but he'd already melted the cuff off her wrist before she could finish.
"So that's how it works, huh." he muttered softly.
"How- how did you-? What's your name?" she asked, stunned.
"Kurrem, Kurrem Adams. Jason and Timothy should be on their way now." he said, as he began fiddling with the other cuffs.
"Im... Call me Kyanni." she said, and once she was free she massaged her wrist.

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