Captain's Log 001...

Not really. I'm not a Captain. This is my first entry though. Not that anyone will read it.

Today is the day that my Gaia persona came to be, my Avatar's birthday if you will. As I sit here my Little Spooch is trying to find less "noob" types of clothing and armament for my avatar. She has had an account for almost a decade so she has taken up the mantle of making me not suck on here.

In other news today, we beat HALO Reach... WOOT WOOT!! This is game number two that we have beat as a couple (the other being HALO 4). It only took:

Chow from Taco Bell
1 Bag of Doritos
12 Pack of Mountain Dew: Code Red
A batch of homemade cookies.
Aaaand most importantly... HEROIC AMOUNTS OF COFFEE

Looking forward to the XBOX One in November and HALO 5.

Alas I will be keeping this initial entry brief. It is getting a bit late and I have to get up very early and jump into an olympic pool fully clothed and swim around a bit for work, before actually going to work. Post swim for the insane, I will continue to fail at mastering a second language.

Until Next Time,