Madrigal: Located in the very financially strategic area between Simmerfell and Damascus, Madrigal is thus a very prosperous trading hub. With traders venturing in and out on a day-to-day basis, it boasts one of the largest marketplaces in the kingdom. Madrigal has a population of 6,000. The area around Madrigal is mostly grassland, with a few small hills and trees dotting the landscape here and there. It's not very close to any sources of water and is thus supplied by either the neighboring cities or it's underground spring.

Argona: A small village between Simmerfell and Orlesia, Argona flood frequently, but less so than Orlesia and doesn't suffer from hail and sleet as in Simmerfell. Because of this, it's soil is fertile and is mostly a farming town, with crops safely atop plateaus which they have aptly named "floating farms." It also has a small fishing dock. The village has no other points of interest.

Helios: Otherwise known as "Sun town," it's well known for it's church of Sunlight, which worships the sun God. Helios is a fishing village with a very unique religion, because of this it's often the source of ridicule among outsiders. Helios restocks any ships venturing across the sea to Andros and Seweryn. This is their main source of income.

Telegrin: A rich barony, it's known for it's high walls and complex tunnel system, which runs all along the city. The tunnels are used for quick transportation of goods and soldiers in case of siege. It's main source of income is the coal mine. It generates most of the coal within the kingdom, shipping it to all major kingdoms and a few small villages. It's also famous for it's soldiers, who all wear heavy steel armor and wield enormous iron axes.

Seweryn: The home of assassins. Seweryn is the gateway town to Dravenfall, though it itself is not a wealthy city. It's not located near any other points of interests and lacks any abundance of a particular resource. Because of this, crime runs rampant throughout the town. Some say even the soldiers there are corrupt. It does, however, boast a superior sewer system, which is often used as a hideout for criminals and their devious acts.

Delian: Possibly the richest town in all the kingdom, Delian is located between Gilead and Manatheran. It's also situated next to a river and a large body of water. While it does not produce any important resources, it is used as a trading port for Gilead and Manatheran to the mainland. This has brought Delian vast wealth, none of it's citizens live in poverty. Most of the citizens are either merchants or fishermen. Some of the kingdoms best spear men are trained here.

Cressia: A simple port town, the main product produced in Cressia is fish and glass. Because of it's location on a small island away from most areas in the kingdom, it doesn't produce much wealth. It lacks any walls and a very small garrison. Because of this, Gilead has stationed some of it's own soldiers there for extra protection of their neighbor.