Two very large (but seperate) rivers

Orlesia: A half pleasant city, were it not for the rain. Orlesia is infamous for it's floods and almost constant raining. Both Simmerfell and Orlesia have rainy climates, though Simmerfell doesn't suffer half as much as Orlesia. Because of it's location on top of a river, the city's threat for flooding is very high. Flooding is a monthly thing in Orlesia, and the residents have learned from this. Houses are placed on tall foundations, however this only stops the minor floods from destroying houses. Because of the rain and flooding, the soil is very fertile and farming is a very profitable business. Clouds cast a grey cloak over Orlesia with sunlight beaming in from small cracks in the clouds.

Simmerfell: Simmerfell is very similar to Orlesia in that it has rainy weather and a very grey sky. However, as state above, it's not half as bad as Orlesia. Hail and sleet occasionally drop down on the residents, and while this had shredded old wooden roofs in the past, they've adapted and made iron plated roofs. This gave the houses the nickname of "Shinglers," because of the sound hail made against the roofs. Simmerfell also has rich soil because of the rain and farming is a very lucrative business. It's also located beside an iron mine, where most of the cities profit is made. The iron is sold to Damascus and Proximos for gun making, which is transported through the river in the center of Simmerfell.