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this will b pure random stuff, i doubt ill write in it much, but ull just hafta find that out 4 urself =P u nvr no... NVR!!!
Girl wishes she was dirt, turns into dirt, "an unnamed boy who meant something to her" wishes he was a deer and turns into one, next time he eats an apple, "with an apology" he poops a seed into the pot of dirt (the girl became dirt and when her roommate woke up the next day she found pile of dirt on bed, no one knew what happened to girl, guessed she became the pile of dirt + they put her in a pot and cart or carry her around, to classes, etc.), a flower grew from the pot of dirt, an unnamed passing boy saw the flower + thought it was the prettiest flower he'd ever seen, or it was a strangely inexplicably pretty flower, the unnamed boy wished he was a bee and became one and pollinated the flower, so a bunch of flowers grew in some place, an unnamed boy saw the flowers and wanted to eat them?, ... a teacher walked by and said "why are all the students turning into animals?" and a student answered "Because nature is beautiful."; titled "The Genie"? Even though no genie and esp. no lamp is mentioned; Genie = God? Lol

also pretty random, the final line like gave meaning to this thought process lol, transferring this from my phone 9/27/13 (so i believe i conjured this 9/26 night)

Maybe the third unnamed boy sees the bunch of flowers and wishes he was a butterfly and he drinks nectar from the flowers, then an unnamed passing girl sees the butterfly and wishes she too was a butterfly so she becomes one and the butterflies lay eggs, an unnamed boy sees the eggs and wishes he was a guard dog so he becomes one and watches over the eggs, then the eggs hatch and produce more butterflies, an unnamed boy sees the butterflies and wishes he was a cat so he becomes one and chases after the butterflies, the dog barks at the cat and scares it and the cat runs up a tree and knocks down an apple, the deer sees the apple and eats it and with another apology poops a seed into the pot of dirt, and another flower grows.
Then the teacher walks by (and sees many animals at school) and asks "Why are all the students turning into animals?"

It seems time and location are kind of irrelevant or brushed off in terms of accuracy and a regular flow, it's like everything happens almost simultaneously, or linearly time-wise but over a very short span of time as if everything happened within 2 to 4 days and even if the animals left the school or didn't even become animals at school and the animals traveled around the town or city, still the teacher can see that the students are turning into animals, even if all the animals don't return to school as if they were still students in their minds, it's like an omniscient view of everyone, and everyone can see around the whole town or city, see what's going on, that students are turning into animals and creating more life
In real time, the deer and the pot of dirt are the first generation, then their flower and the bee are another generation, then the butterflies and the dog are the third generation, and the cat is part of the fourth generation with the new butterflies, and the deer and the pot of dirt would be too old to create the last generation, their second flower, but story doesn't seem to go by "real time," it goes by it's own time and sees these generations within a short span during a single lifetime, the base of that "lifetime" being the deer and the pot of dirt's life span

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    you are so cooool xd

    comment karamazoo · Community Member · Mon Jan 19, 2015 @ 07:39pm
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