Mayhaps this is a sign I should not talk to him anymore. If it stirs up feelings and thoughts, do I really need this type of prodding? /sigh

I still don't own a lot of my favorite movies because I wasted time collecting movies OTHER people would like. ******** them. I need the ones I would rewatch like SLC Punk or Fight Club. I need:
You Are Beautiful,
Romantics Anonymous,
Perfume: The Story of a Murderer,
No Country for Old Men,
The Whole Nine Yards,
The Station Agent,
The Royal Tenenbaums,
Shutter Island,
The Upside of Anger,
Shaun of the Dead,
Death Becomes Her,
Ten Inch Hero,
The Edukators,
and Carnivale.
I wonder if they have Korean dramas at Dimple... or where you would buy them in general. I know you can get them through amazon but I wonder if they come with English subtitles that way... Ionno Ionno.