Generally speaking, women are better at understanding how to handle games than men. They know to avoid the games and the all-male drama that occurs with the online moron-fest; something this gay male should have done a long time ago.

From a strategic standpoint, they are "better", based on stereotypical nonsense which should have never started in the first place. The men who are "better" at the game's mechanics, if they weren't busy flaunting superiority over everyone and acting like fart nuggets on a tropical sundae, I'd say the "being better" at the games doesn't make up for behavioral problems in desperate need of an adjustment.

So yeah, statistically speaking, more men are better, and in turn, more men are fools that make sure to keep their hobby a "PC Master Race, 360 no-scope, no casuals allowed" personality defect as a primarily male-only dystopia... "YOLO".

Of course, to go with the stereotypes, American men do suck terribly at the vidya, and only Asian men are good at the vidya. I was playing a game, got asked, "Are you Asian?" It was a strange occurrence, but I think it should be elaborated to undermine the process to a ridiculously unkempt level. I may even use that "Proud Asian" poster as an example of how the superiority brought on by superficial means is the product of the same stereotype and 360-no-scope.

I can't really take this seriously, because I don't know what else there is aside from quickscopin' and headshottin'. I'm entertained by these types of people:
"Yo, wanna play some Power Rangers?"
"What the ******** are you on? Sure."
"s**t, man. I thought this was Power Rangers."
"Well, what is it?"
"Hello Kitty."
"Put that ******** s**t on, now."

All those sleepless nights and stupid ********, and all I'd rather do is pet kittens. Anything involving the fluffiness is fair game.