What happened to the boy who's love was his reason to live?
What happened to the boy who didn't want to become as angry as his father?
What happened to the boy who talked to his family?
What happened to the boy who swore off alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes?
What happened to the boy who believed one day things might change for the better?
What happened to the boy who decided to try and be a great person?
He was beaten.
He tried to forget.
He was shoved down deep inside.
His conscience died.
He could never really forget.
He became angry.
He stopped caring.
He tried suicide so many times.
No one really knew.
He never told anyone.
No one asked.
He became a cynic.
He expected other people to be as bad as him.
He noticed they weren't.
He questioned himself all while getting angrier.
He bit his nails.
His mom bought him a bear.
He got himself laid.
He got himself high.
He got himself drunk.
He tried suicide a few more times.
He felt as though something must be trying to force him to live a sh*t life.
His best friend dies.
He learned how to laugh.
He still cries even when he laughs.
He can't sleep.
He never could after what happened.
His dad finally leaves.
His mom does nothing.
His dad's friends pick up where his dad leaves off.
He stabs one of his dads friends.
He cuts himself a little too deep.
He has his first hallucinations.
His mom decides it might be better if they move towns.
He stays with his family in Texas for a bit.
His gay uncle forces him to shower with him.
His gay uncle's boyfriend tries to have sex with him.
He tries to jump out of a tree.
He only breaks an arm.
He laughs as they put the cast on.
He cries when they leave him alone in his room overnight.
He gets high on painkillers for the first time.
He gets forced to work.
He lifts heavy objects.
His reward is food.
He goes back home to his new home, new city, new people, new school.
By now he's forgotten mostly everything of his past.
He goes to his new school.
He doesn't want to be here.
He scouts out the tallest buildings in the school.
He goes to his first class.
He excuses himself to the bathroom.
He tries to cut his throat but someone walks in.
They hit him around a few times.
He fights back for the first time.
They're all bloody.
He laughs and goes back to class satisfied.
He meets a guy.
He hates the guy.
He hates the school.
He hates all the people.
He meets a girl.
They date and she introduces him to all her friends.
He makes friends.
He stops going to school frequently.
His mother's boyfriend picks up where his dad and his dad's friends left off.
He wears sweaters everyday to hide the bruises.
He makes a best friend.
He still says nothing about himself, not really.
He cuts his wrists while his best friend is playing video games.
He understands that no one can understand.
He graduates.
He pretends to be happy.
He goes to High School.
He misses the first day because of his mom's boyfriend.
He hates the place.
He hates the people.
He realizes it's misguided.
He doesn't care.
He meets all these people.
He gets in a few fights.
He does more drugs.
He drinks more.
He tries suicide a few more times.
Nothing ever seems to work for him.
He dates a few people.
He decides life is dull why not add spice.
He doesn't really enjoy the people.
He just hopes maybe one day someone would ask him why he's always frowning.
He decides no one ever will.
He becomes a raging alcoholic.
He finds out he's probably going to die if he doesn't start sleeping regularly.
He becomes the happiest he's ever been.
He tries to keep himself awake by flushing medication down the toilet.
He continues his drinking habit.
He kept biting his nails and hoping.
He finds out his liver and kidneys are severely damaged.
He never cared what got him as long as it was soon.
He waits.
He waits.
He waits.
Nothing ever happens.
He skips school and cries all day.
He tries to take a bunch of sleeping pills at once.
He wakes up hours later from a dream.
He tells a friend.
He cries all day.
He decides he's going to try and get himself a girlfriend that will last.
He thinks maybe he'll be happy if he can make someone else truly happy.
He has a dream about him and one of his closest friends.
He falls in love with her instantly when he wakes up.
He was nervous.
He realized it never felt that strong before.
He goes home and tries to drink away the feelings.
The alcohol just makes it stronger.
He tries to court her it works eventually.
He decides maybe he doesn't have to kill himself as long as he has her.
They date for awhile.
He finds out he has cancer and his mom wants to move.
He thinks the world just can't accept him being happy.
They break up.
His mother's boyfriend beats him and his mother.
He fights back and breaks the boyfriend's ribs and fingers.
His mother yells at him.
He gets drunk and runs off to his best friend's house.
His best friend is also suicidal.
His best friend is also bad at it.
He tries to help, after all he knows all about it.
The best friend tells him to go away.
In his mind they aren't best friends anymore, but he tries to pretend anyway.
He keeps pretending.
His mother forces him into therapy.
His therapy helps him remember his early years.
He grows even more bitter.
He hate grows stronger.
His drinking habit gets worse.
He starts blacking out.
He starts having the worst anxiety he's ever had.
He remembers and he can't stand it.
He feels completely alone.
He can't cry anymore, so he laughs.
He continues going to school.
He hates everyone now, minus his ex-girlfriend who will always be special to him.
He pretends to be happy.
He wonders if anyone can tell he's lying.
He can't fake it any longer.
He begins sitting alone.
He stops talking unless someone talks to him.
High School is over.
He stays the same.
He stopped drinking for a bit, but it came back.
He still can't sleep often.
He hallucinates ants and a guy that died.
He survived cancer even though he didn't want to.
He still feels alone.
He still bites his nails.
He stills tries almost daily to kill himself.
He still never succeeds.
He still talks to his best friend.
He doesn't tell her everything.
He doesn't know how to.
He just wants her to be happy.
He knows she probably wants him alive.
He can't take being in the middle.
He starts decides he wants to join the Marines.
He wants to have a family.
He wants to be better than his father.
Almost ever day is hard for him.
He smokes two cigarettes at most a day.
He's already considering quitting.
He likes to believe one day his best friend and him might be together again.
He's quit therapy.
He's trying to forget.
Something's are better left forgotten.
It's affected his memory and it makes it hard, but he prefers it this way.
He still cries when he laughs.