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Ryo's Travels
My life & journey through MY eyes.

How yew dewin'?!

So yesterday morning I was able to attend a taping for the Wendy Williams Show! And it turned out to be an overall fun day! surprised

The way these Wendy show tickets came about was pretty unorthodox and random, initially sparked by Marlon's tweets about Antoine that I wrote about a few days ago. The conversation and subsequent tea spilling I had with Brolin the morning when I got home is what initally sparked it, something I'll have to write about in the future.

But through that conversation, he invited me to attend a Wendy Show taping that Monday morning since I didn't have to work until later that night and I got off at 11p on Sunday. I initially was going to call out of work for that Sunday, but since Rob cancelled on me, I had no legitimate reason not to go to work. I still tried to get out early, but Kileeo told me to ask Emily, Em paid my text, then Germaine said no sad

So, I thought it'd be nice to mention that I got no sleep that night. I got out of work around 12am and Brolin told me I had to be at his boyfriend's house in Easton no later than 4:15am. I found no point in trying to get some sleep before my hour and a half drive to Easton so I went home, worked out a bit, watched G Gundam, showered, and took off.

A few weird encounters on my way there though. I remember getting gas at 22nd and Walnut and a cute guy pulled up, we looked at each other. I pulled off because I was done getting gas, but it seems like after I pulled off, he did the same...without getting gas...or anything. It was totally weird and we seemed to follow each other for a few blocks until I hopped on 76. Also, I got all the way to Manyunk before realizing that I forgot my shoes at home. I figured it wouldn't be too bad to zoom down 76 to get them so I turned around. Still made it there by 4:15am.

But since not getting any sleep, it was clear I was exhausted and was KNOCKED on most of the trip from Easton to NYC and very quiet and quite anti-social on the drive.

We arrived to NYC and it's just something about the city that gets me extra nostalgic. I've had some unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime experiences in NYC, some hopefully amazing times, and some lackluster times in NYC but that doesn't change the fact that it's ******** New York City, so I always feel some type of way.

Firstly, I was very impressed about Alexis knowing her way around NYC and her ability to drive around the city. Secondly, I forgot how much live tapings can be excrutiatingly draining. All the waiting, then moving, then waiting, then having to be loud, and waiting, then you can't even go when you want to lol xp I really would just like to show up, see the taping, and peace out...kinda like seeing a movie sweatdrop

So we stood in line for a bit, saw Wendy arrive to the studio, then we got inside and wrote down some ask Wendy questions, my situation with Rob caught the attention of some of the staff but it was actually Victor's (Brolin's friend/Alexis' boyfriend) question that got picked. A question about loaning a friend money and whether or not he should cut the friendship off because of it...a good Wendy question...something everyone can relate to.

The show overall was a hoot. Wendy is very gracious and appreciative of the people who come out to see her. Super personable and funny as hell, not the mention SNATCHED. I hated that I was put in the corner...but I did slightly look a mess. I have to remember to not wear outfits that need a lot of adjusting for long periods of time. I love my Cole Hann belt but it's too large so I had to keep adjusting my shirt since th ebelt didn't really tighten my waist enough....not to mention I could've used a haircut. xp

Wendy called CB's ex Koochie Kan or some shyt lol We had a guy from Broadway stop by advertising his show and he gave us all 2 tickets to the show which is GREAT! She also did a post taping for Nick Carter and his new book, Wendy even explained what a post taping was which was sweet since we'd all have to wait an extra 45-60 mins for her to change, then tape, and get sound bytes and all that good stuff. It was definitely an interesting time...not to mention her DJ was playing the JAMS! Fantasy, 1,2 Slay, Charty Party, Whitney....like...the jams.

After the show, we were all hungry so we decided to go to Panera Bread, eat, kiiii, chat, I even saw Jazzy McCrawford from my college years which was cute. We then shopped by YogurtLand who was giving out free frozen yogurt...they weren't super nice but...who cares...the shyt was free...a promo stop for CBS and their new Fall comedy line up.

After that we hit it back to Easton, I was knocked again but we got there around 3:30pm. I thanked everyone for a great time, Alexis and Vincent are a hoooooot, and I hit it home. Decided to take 611 all the way back, traffic got bad around Norristown sweatdrop and seemed to get normal when I go to Broad St/Philadelphia... But it wasn't a bad route even though I got home around 5:30p.

I spent a bit of time at home before going to Rob's house. I was supposed to go the night before but when I called him he didn't pick up. So I got there, I wrapped my arms around him in a loving embrace, and began to open up about how I was very disappointed in him fuking up my birthday. By that time I was pretty over it, but still kind of upset. Of course we still didn't quite see eye-to-eye about it.

Rob does this thing where he likes to take what you say, interpret it in an opposite way of what you said, then use it against you thus living in his mind of false information no where close to reality. Regardless, he still thinks I'm extremely disrespectful and I think he's selfish, egotistical, and inconsiderate. He gave some type of apology, admitted he had some things to work on, and I just repeated how I hope that one day we will be able to come to an agreement on things and how I want him to stop fighting me.

We eventually had sex and it was great, I was a little late to work but clocked in by 11pm and I guess all is good for now. To my knowledge, he confirmed that we're still set for Niagara Falls for 11/15, I applied for my passport today so that should arrive on time and I think I'll just have him pay for everything for that trip. cool

All in all, I noticed that I am slowly getting to a place where I'm in good spirits...much better than where I was a year ago. Some great birthday wishes from grandpa and Jensen Atwood made the day cute, and reading where I was about a year ago and seeing what I have accomplished since is kind of inspiring.

I'll be moving over to the Courtyard Marriott soon making $15.32/hour, a pretty nice increase from the initial $11.50, now $12 I make here. Marriott is a better company overall and it really seems like the care about their associates a lot more than here...it's evident in the employee perks and even the employee spaces. I can't say I'm estatic about doing the same work because I loathe hearing folks complain and be overly needy everyday, but the opportunities seem greater at Marriott.

While the opportunities here seem rather static/glass ceiling-esque, they seem to have more leadership roles there. Not to mention, their corporate offices seem to be in Bethesda, MD according to Stacey, the Director of Finance who used to work there. Wouldn't it be sweet if I started working for corporate near the top of 2015? I definitely wouldn't mind starting in RCP or something, as long as I don't have to have pissed people in my face everyday complaining about something that I had no part in and had nothing at all to do with me. neutral

But that's the thing, here lately I really do not want to move back home for whatever reason. I can recall at one point really wanting to relocate because I hated Philadelphia and wanted to go home. I guess I felt stuck and deprived...but now with these new oppurtunities and my friends being flops...I'm not so sure I'm ready to go back home yet. I guess it was at Omar's party...I had a great time and felt a lot of love, but at the same time I almost felt stagnant and back burned. Between Marlon and his boyfriend, Kenny and his boyfriend and wanting to move to PHL so bad, and Eion and his boyfriend and him now living with his mother...I'm not entirely sure if home really is where I need to be right now, but I'll say that I definitely won't mind moving uptown with James in a cute 2-bedroom near where I used to live and easily accessible metro stations.

Not to mention, I love the location of my house, I love riding along the river trail, and I love some of the things I have access to and get to experience. Things are a lot cheaper here in PHL and it's a lot easier to feel reclusive yet experiential here without having to feel like I have to look or act a certain way. Idk.

Speaking of moving home.....I learned of a new opportunity. After the mess with Rob, I thought I really should consider moving home, for us....the distance might really help so I submitted my resume to Trimmer who's company was looking for an Adminstrative Assisstant. He told his boss that he'd have some resumes on her desk before opening the position online and it looks like they've already filled it. According to Trimmer, they were impressed by my resume and cover letter but found someone more qualified.

-side note- Of COURSE they were going to find someone more qualified. There are a lot of people looking for admin jobs such as those and have been working in them for years and years. I've done admin asst work before and can do it but there's no way they'll give someone like me a chance at that.

So, Trimmer pushed my resume to HR and said that they might consider me for the Meeting Coordinator position. Got a bit of info on the position saying that the girl who I would be replacing's meain focus is to find someone who's personality fits with the existing team, which is why Trimmer pushed my resume he said....supposedly we have "similar personalities"...we'll see about that. The girl who's leaving apparently wants to do more meaningful work in non-profits and was there for two years...not bad.

I told Trimz that I'd do my research and ask more questions. I have experience with science'y non-profit work, but he wanted me to do more research on the type of work the company does. Will do. Dupont Circle is a reallllly cute area to work in, as I'm familiar with, and it would be a welcomed change.

Other than that, that's pretty much my life. I have a bit to do today including this hair cut and the tutorial for wordpress w/ Bobbypen at 5pm. Blah, working overnight fux my life up. And this changing weather always plays with my healthiness. Alas, I say this now...I won't let them punk me over at Marriott...not like they did here...no shade. sweatdrop

Love & Blessings heart


Mood: Good smile
Music: "I'm Out " - Ciara featuring Nicki Minaj from Ciara

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