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Zed. For those of you who enjoy a fairly awful complaint.

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Din bio.
I LOVE DIN A LOT OKAY, so now I'll write his bio. plz note that this character isn't finished
Updated on 2 July, 2016.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Name Din VonHollen. (AHAHA, IT'S A MIX OF MYIN AND DENTI /shot)
Gender Male.
Age Created in July of 2013, was given the current age of nine. Sped up aging lol.
xxxHeight 5'7" ( Previously 4'5" )
xxxWeight 121 pounds ( Previously 76 pounds. )
xxxOthers Stubby black horns, solid black tail, moderately long purple forked tongue, pointed teeth, pointed ears. All of these aspects were inherited from his fathers. Now has small, feathery white wings.
Species Demon(?).

History How on earth do two male demons procreate? They don't. Din was created by Myin and Denti by the latter man's handiwork of sewing together pieces of deceased children. He retains few memories of the children he was derived from and has basic knowledge left from all of them. He was created knowing how to speak, walk, perform simple tasks, and so on. His vocabulary was limited to only what the children knew. Like everything else, he learns as time goes on. At the time of this entry's creation (23 September, 2013), he has only been alive for two months. In this time span, he's learned many things, such as table manners, important social skills, and how to take care of his father's many pets. The latter helps him learn more responsibility as he ages.
xxxxxEdit As of 2 July, 2016, he has been alive for approximately three years and has aged progressively faster than others. As he is composed of collectively "borrowed" body parts over the years, the organs have began to fail and die off, thus making Din's body more weak and fragile. This was a consequence that his parents failed to plan ahead for and were not prepared for the consequences. The most that they could do was gather more parts to simply prolong the suffering.
xxxxxTowards the end, Din, in a way, had a "death-experience." Simply put - he died. However, due to certain circumstances and thanks to a particular family friend, he wouldn't be away for no longer than two minutes. Yet, this is a story for another time and another journal entry. Din is with us now, and he is happier than he needs to be. His body is functioning as well as it should, and he will no longer be living off of marketed off body parts due to the previously mentioned experience. He has also been able to rocket ahead of his years and grow well past his puberty age, thus appearing to be in his mid teenage years. His maturity has developed extremely and impressively well.
xxxxxPresently, Din is working with Denti at his father's popular, downtown clothing shop. He helps to maintain and sell the clothing line there. There isn't much profit in it for him, but he enjoys wearing the outfits and trying things on when there aren't many customer inside. Over the time that he has been there, he has garnered the attention of a regular customer with a somewhat "tough" guy attitude. Pippin takes to kindly harassing Din with every chance he gets at the shop and teases him, asking him to go on dates with him and help him in the dressing rooms when he gets the chance. Of course, he's abruptly and quite harshly turned down every time. Din wants nothing more than to work and be left alone. But, Pippin over time worms his annoying little way into Din's heart to become his first friend.

Personality As a child, Din was as bubbly as any little carefree child could be. He absolutely adored his daddy and papa (Myin and Denti, respectively) and could even be found harassing his Uncle Dorian out of love. He loved terrorizing them as well, though. He learned to be a bit of a prankster from his fathers and took to be mischievous around the house. He was also very impressionable. While he was often told to not repeat a lot of words and acts that he saw and heard, he still did. Myin had found him on several occasions shouting, "********!" and trying to dance like the actors did on television. Also like his daddy, he picked up the addiction of caffeine. He was allowed only one cup of caffeine a day, but Denti was more than often seen sneaking in a cup of non decaffeinated coffee for the boy. Caffeine aside, he also loved to match his clothes together and help Denti with "fashion."
xxxxxEver still the same today as a "young adult," Din has retained his and his fathers' love for caffeine and clothes and has polished his manners to a pristine shine. He can sometimes be quite shy and will not be the first one to say hello, even if he is interested in approaching somebody. Denti has always taught him to never be so self conscious, but he could never get over the feeling that people have always been judging him over his actions and appearance, and therefore can sometimes come off as awkward in public interactions. Once he has become quite comfortable with somebody though, he opens up completely and entirely, and there is no going back. Din will show that he has no comfort zone of any level once one becomes family with him.

Din's tongue often slips out while he's trying to talk, sometimes giving him a silly lisp.
He doesn't like Myin's cooking.
He loves bluegrass music the most.
Myin sometimes can't find his glasses in the morning because Din had snuck in and taken them to wear them.
He is absolutely fascinated by his papa's empty eye sockets.
He can't help but wiggle around when music is playing. Especially if it's catchy.
He likes his legs. A lot.
He isn't allowed near the stove because of reasons.
The wings are real. See: story that hasn't been explain.
Din plans on saving enough money to move in near his uncle. For more reasons.

Younger Din:
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

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