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Augustuffz! :lol:

August Star Of Heaven
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Ikazuchi Gassen Pt 6

Cicero was stunned on what he saw next. He was very sure of his aim. His spear would have pierced the heart of his target causing instant death.

He saw his target dissipate like mist.

A sorcerer, he mused. He has seen strange stuff during his missions. His last mission at Hoarfrost Pass entailed him and his eventual lover battling a shapeshifter. Could this person be the reason nearby nations fear attacking the tiny Hinode archipelago?

He rushed out of the cave to pick up his spear impaled on the ground. It was bloodless. As if he just hurled it like a plaything without any living target to lock on.

He hears the gallop of a horse. He sees the robed figure again, riding on it. You can't escape me, Cicero mused. I will hunt you down. I want answers. What are you exactly? Demigod? Demon? Monster?

He mounted on his steed and followed the figure. At the path he was running he saw in horror how his fellow soldiers were slain. Nearly every dead body he saw on the path he took belonged to his army, with very few Hinode casualties.

Cicero sees a dead end on the path he was running. He sees the figure on the end of it dismounted from the horse. He can see from the distance the figure's pristine white robe embroidered with a star on front.

"Looks like you are trapped.'' Cicero shouted at him. As he went closer, he saw the figure cover its face with a fan.

"I feel that describes your situation more, soldier.'' A voice spoke in his head. There was no other living thing in that area that can possibly speak except Cicero himself and possibly the figure.

Cicero hurls his spear towards the figure again. The figure waved its fan, revealing its face. A paper tag flung towards Cicero's direction. The centurion felt that he can't move any limb as soon as the tag mysteriously attached to his chest. His spear fell to the ground again as its target vanished like mist again.

The figure then reappeared right in front of Cicero, still immobile on top of his steed.
He sees the face of figure, it's eerie totally black eyes with star shaped pupils. The face was human but unbelievably perfect, he cannot tell if he's seeing a man or a woman. Its knee length dusk colored hair undulating like tentacles, which is strange as Cicero sees the wind was not blowing at this time.

''Is this carnage your handiwork?" Cicero spoke in his thought to the figure.

"I only do as what was commanded to me." The figure spoke back in his mind.

"Are you a soldier in their army?" Cicero asked back.

"No...I am a captive. And soon you will also be...Leave as soon as my spell fades.''

''Why is it that you are helping me?"

"Believe me, soldier. You and my captor's fate are interlocked''

The figure waved his fan and the illusion on one side of the path vanished, revealing a clear pathway.

"Take this path. It will mean your survival...''

The figure and its steed suddenly vanished like mist.

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