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Earth. In a distant future there's a city in the sky named Heaven by the men and women that built it. In days long gone this sky high piece of paradise was the jewel of a nation, the first of many of it's kind. Other countries made their versions of Heaven and it was just a matter of time until the skies of Earth were plagued by the pollution of this cities, those bellow cursed to be haunted by their shadow as they grew in number.

Meanwhile in the sky cities themselves time and the hand of man took it's toll. Some would fare better than others but Heaven was lost. A place for crime to thrive on either by the hands of criminal organizations or it's own corrupt government, both controlled by E.A.G.L.E. a ruthless military agency and now the true ruler. It became so powerful that it's influence soon spread across the other sky cities, now most of them under it's control and what's left of the Earth bellow has no option but to bend the knee.

Monday Delirium
Community Member
NPC Story Contest

Item: Derr Sandmann
NPC: The Sandman (who's a woman, oddly enough)

Once Upon A Moon.

"Gather children don't make a peep!
I'll tell you a tale to help you sleep....

It was night.
The nights were all she knew and the woman known as Sandman almost flew!
Her long white hair flowing behind, the winds carrying her from roof to roof when she leaped!
Her golden sparkling sand falling down as snow flakes, giving sleep and dreams of deep dark lakes.

The moon was full and it shone! A giant white eye staring down and the Sandman stopped and looked up from atop the sleeping town to that whit mirror of stone.
Looking into that great cosmic eye took her back to her younger days. It was during one such night she cast herself down this ways.
She twisted her beautiful golden lips into a great and terrible sneer.
How she hated that great, old eye so queer!
She would rip the eyes out of every one in the cosmos and pluck the very stars from the sky if she could! Drown the universe in darkness she would!
Her own eyes were hidden behind black satin shielding her soul from a certain cold, icy cretin.
Someone who's blue eyes she would gladly take for such nice earrings with them she could make!

A yes, the eyes! the windows to the soul. She wondered if one day she would loose her own...
One was red the other was golden, the red she had been born with but the other had stolen!
She had had training and great pedigree, she was a witch born and self made for a foul deed.
Der Sandmann, who made other sleep and dream before... She had lured him into a trap and murdered the old boar!
From his bearded pig face she had taken that golden eye and removing her own left one she placed it inside! That eye she made her own to this very day and the Sandman's other she kept anyway though why she had done it, she could not say.
She had no idea but it came to good use, this big eye golden was her spy and flew back and forth indifferent or perhaps oblivious to her abuse.
She was quite paranoid you see? She often threw the eye away because she believed it stared at her, accusingly.
Sandmann or Sandman woman or man, no one would ever or could ever truly understand.

She was doomed to loneliness and that made her bitter to no end.
Through a blind fold and ignoring the night cold, rising up and releasing her sand she peered through endless dreams formed by her demand!
She had killed the Sandmann to become the one that lives forever and to sit on a golden throne. A foolish little girl she had been, now hunting eyes for the dreams they had within.
Wait. What's that?
Why! Here it comes frosty, cold Jack!
Snow and ice and dancing mice, cheer without peer! A man without fear.
The fool that had seen her eyes.
It had been some moons since they last met but our Sandman would not forget.
He had hurt her without cause simply because she stole some eyes without pause!
She did her thing and he did his why, couldn't he have left her in peace!!?

All was dark, silent night. Snow flakes falling down, tumbling and landing all around.
The moon was gone, hidden being clouds so dark like her bitter black heart.
She saw him slide and daze at great speed! But for a moment he stood still!
This was her chance, her chance to kill!
But the sandman stopped and she did not knew why or how...
What did she see with her eyes three?
Jack standing, alone near a tree.
Did he cry? Did he weep?
Odd! It seems he stopped... so he could sleep!
She licked her golden lips so hungry for his eyes, his dreams and his demise!
From the palm of her hand she blew a stream of golden sand and frosty Jack under the soon snow covered tree was soon dreaming, all hers to keep!

She rode down, those now colder winds and landed close enough to Jack to steal his dreams!
Her delicate hands, her nails sharp! She was so close...
When Jack mumbled and she stopped!
Was he awake did she fail?
Too close and too curious she moved closer so she could hear... perhaps Jack had a sweet nightmare, some terrible fear.

What was he mumbling, poor old Jack?
"I would give everything" he said "to have her back."
Ohh! Some lost love! The little boy had lost his little dove.
She, the Sandman knew not love. Of that she was far above!
Her father had hated her and her mother had soon been gone.
She had always been feared and hated and that had simply made her strong.
Icy Jack had a warm heart and she would eat it still beating to tear it apart!
"My Sandman" he sighted "I love you."

Silence filled the night.
The Sandman trembled and shook in anger and fright!
How could this be!!!? Some sick, demented joke?
Every child in the world she would choke! Every little boy with blue eyes!
He could not love, this was simply a stupid dream!
Yet the Sandman always knows that dreams are more than they seem.
More than illusion, fantasy or lie. The dream could show what you cannot deny.

How could he love her? Did he forget?
Monsters have no place in the hearts of men.
She made herself think back to that cold night when he looked her in the eyes with his and their blue cold bite.
Perhaps a sparkle, nothing more! No one had ever loved her! Never! Ever before!
Her red eye something warm bled.
It was a tear the first she had ever shed.
She wanted to hold him, gently.
Instead she kissed his blue cold lips and fled.

So it ends the Sandman's tale.
The one who wanted her she could not love back.
For his heart was Sun warm and hers was frozen cold and if together hold ...
Hers would crack.

Oh? Did you expect an happy end?
Silly children, you must comprehend!
Monsters can't love!
No matter how much you love them.

Go to sleep.
She will not steal your eyes.
She will not attack.
For the Sandman is too busy.
Running. From her dear, old Jack."

User Comments: [2]
Noryoku Kiyama
Community Member

Wed Oct 09, 2013 @ 01:26pm

aw... how adorable. whee
i love how it was in the poem/lyric pattern...
very my type.

and not to mention how it went so great too,
its not yet a happy ending but there's still hope...
or at least an open ending for the reader to decide what had happened next.

it was lovely~


serotonic drink
Community Member

Sat Oct 19, 2013 @ 07:29am

yay! another sandman/jack frost story!

very adorable! hope jack can catch her soon enough

User Comments: [2]
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