Part 14

The next couple of days were stalker girl free. Everything was normal again. Toby and Rocky stuck to their monotonous schedules. Until a couple days later of course. Toby was sitting in his history class waiting for the bell to ring for class to actually start. The students were roaming in sitting wherever they liked, they didn't have assigned seating in this class.
Toby saw all the same people he saw everyday walk into the classroom when he noticed the blue hoodie. He looked closer and when the crowd of students made their way to their seats, he saw the person in the hoodie. Oh god he thought, It was the girl from before. As expected, she scanned the room until she saw Toby. Toby had an empty seat to his left. Naturally, she bolted over and sat right next to him.
Toby stared at the front of the class. He suspected that she were staring at him or something. He quickly glanced at her just to make sure. She was actually staring intently at the front of the class as well. She kept her hood over her head so he couldn't see her face too well. He knew he had to ask her about the other day and about Rocky and what her deal is. Lots of questions.
He took in a deep breath and opened his mouth about to speak when the bell rang. The breath he held in turned into a sigh. The teacher took role and noticed and extra seat filled.
"Ah right, I was notified that we do have a new student today. She just moved in yesterday from canada, everyone be nice." He looked over to the new girl. "Please stand and say your name, maybe say something about yourself" he smiled and nodded.
The girl looked around, as the seconds passed more people turned to stare at her. She stood up and spoke quietly, "I'm.. Crayly. A-and I like..reading?" She quickly sat back down. Little whispers could be heard around the room,
"The hell kind of name is that?"
"Is she not sure she likes reading or something?" they giggled.
Crayly made a small sigh when the teacher spoke up over the whispers, "Good, now if you please take off your hood"
"Oh." She reached up putting her hands on her hood then slowly pushed it back. Crayly stared down at her desk as her dark auburn hair dangled past her shoulders. Toby stared. He gulped suddenly feeling short of breath. Toby winced as his head give a small twinge of pain.
As Toby was staring at the girl, she looked back at him. She gazed at him, looking as if she saw a ghost. Toby blinked and quickly turned his head back to the front of the class. He cleared his throat as the pain ebbed away from his head. What the hell was that about he held his head in his hands. Crayly turned her head back at the front of the class.

Toby was pretty sure she was stalking him now. Unless all these were just strange coincidences. Crayly ended up being in most of his classes. Every time he looked around he could see her blue hoodie. Every time he saw her his head would hurt a little bit less each time. He had no idea what this meant.
After school he went over to Rocky's shop and told him about the girl.
"So the stalker is back huh?"
"Yep. But its weird. Whenever I see her now, I get these small sharp headaches. I-I get short of breath, I start burning up, and it almost feels like the room is spinning.. I- What?"
Toby was interrupted by Rocky's stare. One eye brow was raised, his eyes gently squinted and his mouth was stretched into a slight grin. "What did I say?" Toby asked.
"I believe what you're describin is called infatuation." He folded his arms. "Finally meetin a girl, a weird girl. But still."
"Wha- no. No, no no. I don't even know her."
"You don't have to know a girl to lust over her" he laughed.
"I'm not lusting over her." Toby rubbed his face, "It's more like every time I see her I get sick, my body starts to break down or something."
"Must be love" Rocky kidded, "but honestly, I don't know.. she really could be from the game. Maybe seein her sparks your memory or somethin."
"I dunno. I remember a lot of the faces who were there.. and I still see some of them in school. She's different somehow."
"She kind of acts like she knows us too." Rocky pointed out.
"So very strange" Toby sighed.