This is not an actual short story, but rather a story that I hope to turn into a novel & anime one day! It's been an idea for about three years now so I finally decided to get off my lazy rear and turn my idea into a full-scale project. The idea for Requiem of the Dammed came to me when I was about 15, and I never really considered writing it because I didn't think I'd have the capability of doing something this amazing. So plagued by my own skepticism, I shoved the idea back and kept it in the darkness. Three years later, a random thought came to my mind that I should take a crack at it... so here I am in the beginning process of getting everything started! 4laugh
Right now I'm in the process of writing but I'm also going to be animating an opening piece for it! It'll be considered a teaser emotion_c8

Look forward to a small insert from the works!