This lovely lady’s name is Kilya. She’s the vendor that “sells” fortunes. Her “vending show” is called “Tarot-izing the Cat”, where the tarot cards come to life and “speak” with Kilya. Her fortunes are accurate to within a few days. She’s blind and usually wears a blindfold. When her blindfold is off, her eyes are a bit spooky. She stands about 160cm (approx 5’2”) and she appears to be in her early- to mid-teens.

Hair Style
Hair Color: Vanilla
Eye Color: Goldenrod (metallic)
Skin Tone: Mariah
Other physical information? Kilya is a neko by race, so she has cat ears, tail, pupils, fangs and claw-like fingers. Her furred features are a pearly white, which makes them stand out against her vanilla hair.

Chapter IV
Kilya’s tarot-reading was very similar to any other tarot reader. However, there was a huge difference. Kilya actually called upon the spirits of the cards and they emerged, stationed on the cards’ top. They spoke to Kilya; but all Robert could hear was little tinkles and bells.

Kilya’s history isn’t very well known; only Rosemary and Chess know the full story… However, her personality is close to an INTJ. Kilya has a faerie, visible to other as a ball of light, that is usually at her shoulder that can speak with Kilya and tell her things that Kilya can’t see. The faerie has her own set of powers that supplement Kilya’s. Kilya calls the faerie “Briarose”, but the Faerie’s full name is Briarose FenChantery.

During hours, Kilya wears her fancier dress. When outside of hours, Kilya wears a casual poncho over a black casual dress . Kilya doesn’t like shoes because she’s blind and uses the vibrations in the ground to know her way around [like Toph from Avatar: The Last Airbender], and her faerie companion helps her as well.

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