This “boy’s” name is Tinker. He is, by race, a gnome. He’s a vendor at the Scarborough Fair, but he also performs for the children. He has a show called “Marionette by Model” where he dances puppets across a stage without strings. On the side, he sells magical items and other dolls/puppets for kids he makes. He was taught magical control by Merlin, the Magician from Arthurian Legend. He stands about 96cm (about 3’2”).

Hair Style
Hair Color: Raspberry
Eye Color: Glaucous
Skin Tone: Tawny
Other physical information? Tinker wears long sleeves, no matter how hot it gets. This is because he went against Master Merlin’s advice and tinkered with Black Magic. It left his right arm singed with some skin peeling and gone. He wasn’t a part of the Fair at this time, so he hid his mistake and cared for his arm himself. However, since he’s not a healer, he eventually went to Merlin, confessed and asked for help. He also wears a necklace – usually hidden by his tunic – that is shaped like an upside-down cross made of bone.
His ears are pierced in a few places, marking him as an outsider to the gnome world.

Since he was little, Tinker liked to play with things, whether they be toys that usual children play with or magic, which his society had banned. Because he was caught playing with magic one day, he was banished from his clan and wandered for a bit, finally finding Merlin as a Master for magic. He was forgiven for his dabbling in Black Magic, and continued his learning under Merlin. He “graduated” from Merlin’s “Academy” and was scooped up by the Fair. Tinker is a close personality to Sage in personality: ESTP. Other descriptive words include: disorganized, risk-taker, neutral moods, decisive, social, impulsive.

The world is set in a steampunk era, and because of his smaller body, Tinker gets children clothes and has Rosemary or Hari tailor them to his size. His current outfit consists of a tunic, breeches and shoes with a gear on the outside of each heel.

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