I sent him that information. It was supposed to be private, and I figured yeah okay he's mad, but he has enough sense to know why I sent it to him in private.

So then he goes and outs some of the most private info. Now, I'm hurt. I'm not going back to that chat, as I obviously can't at this point. Red will eventually find out, if he hasn't already, and then it'll be a big ******** circus. Even if it has nothing to do with Red, word will get out because of all the ******** drama Frost caused. The community is so small that this drama is going to spread and everyone's going to know.

I used a fake name because I don't want people to know all of the little details, so he atleast was smart enough to not use that. Congratulations, Frost.

Eye for an eye indeed.

I don't want to salvage this anymore.

Go with god.