Sorio: HEY!!!
Kitty Kaylin: What is it, Sorio?
Sorio: You forgot about me!!! crying
Kitty Kaylin: Alright!!! gonk I'll buy you some Skittles when this is over!!!
Sorio: YAY!!!!!!!!!!! emotion_kirakira emotion_yatta
Toxicsmoke: What happened to the narrator? question ?
Kitty Kaylin: I sent her off in case she gets caught by the rapid chocolate craving insane ludicrous cookie fanatic army. stare
Toxicsmoke: Huh? question question question question question question question question eek
Sorio: In other words, she's refering to her chocolate rapid insane ludicrous accident prone cookie fanatic beyond normal sister.
Toxicsmoke: THAT NAME'S EVEN LONGER!!!! scream
Kitty Kaylin: Tell me about it. eek ................... emotion_facepalm
Sorio: What's wrong?
Kitty Kaylin: I just remembered that we need to go back to Zaronel to get the one candy that will get both out armies to burst with energy. twisted
Toxicsmoke: OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What is it? eek
Kitty Kaylin: It's called............the Chocolate Fountain.
Sorio: stare You do know that you can get that at Golden Coral instead of going halfway across the Universe just to get a Chocolate Fountain, do you?
Kitty Kaylin: Yeah. 3nodding But they're not giving it away to a kid for free. It's theirs and besides, the one at Zaronel can boost up the fighting spirit of whoever has it. twisted
Toxicsmoke: THAT'S COOL!!!!! blaugh blaugh Let's head out then!!!!! blaugh 4laugh
Sorio: What's the whole point in this anyway? emotion_sweatdrop
Kitty Kaylin: COME ON SORIO!!!!! scream WE'LL LEAVE YOU BEHIND!!!!! scream
Sorio: Why does she always drag me into these crazy situations? xp crying
To be continued.....maybe....... ninja