Wednesdays are my hell days.

I checked my homework this morning and last night. I thought it said EXERCISE 4 but it really said READING RESPONSE 4. s**t ******** ********. Sigh. Now I have seven things to do tonight. I have four quizzes to take, one handout for grammar and this new reading response that counts as two things because it is taking apart some stanza or something. I haven't read it yet. Go figure.

Wish me luck.

I have been sleeping a lot but I'm always tired. I wonder why... ( sarcasm ). I drive my brother to school every other day and drive myself to school every other day. So, the days I SHOULD be sleeping in, I have to drive my brother then drive myself to work. Fu fu fu. Then I pick him up after my day at work. He's usually a butthole and I'm no better because he interrupts my free time.

Augh. I need to get started. Talk later.