lawlz, actually typed "men" at first.


which would also be equally truthful to this post.

this the first week of normal classes, and yesterday us business folks found out who we'd be managing for the semester. So that's exciting.

Today consisted of class, going bonkers trying to plan the semester, sitting in on a couple rehearsals, taking a nap, supper and chill, then accompany the roomie to the store for sick supplies then help her find an outfit for her performance tomorrow, birthday party for one of the guys, left early from that (i didn't know how long I wanted to hang around those folks? gah, but the birthday guy is really cute but extremely shy...), derped around on a keyboard at the building for a while, was invited to go to taco john's with equally cute other guy & co., declined for car space reasons, and here we sit.

so. opportunities abound, but I am not taking advantage of them.

probably because I don't know how.


I feel like the business prof and I may be at odds with each other with a few minor things, mainly because I freak out when I'm new to stuff.

so it shouldn't be a problem.

I'm also worried about getting people to help me with everything I have to do this semester. I'm just not that much of a people person, and only talk to people when I have a reason to...

meh. we'll figure it out.

i'll just sit here regretting not staying longer at that party and declining the invite to go out with the other peeps.

... guess even if you've been working on that for at least a couple years, there's still always room for improvement. (in reference to me wanting to live without regrets, as I had up until I started college or so)

also bothering me: music. I am glad I figured out when i got to college that music isn't for me. As a hobby, yeah it's alright, but I could never ever do anything with it. college killed my passion for music, and showed me that my style wasn't acceptable.

exhibit A: not standing my own playing while derping around tonight. I guess i was frustrated with where I could be versus where I am, it didn't sound good, etc...

plus there is not a single non-electric keyboard to be found on the premises. which just really royally sucks.

remember, back in the day I was on the verge of quitting piano altogether until I got my upright grand.


one of these days.

bedtime now.

have the first show of the semester tomorrow night, should be interesting.

am getting up early to work on schtuff. bible study, letters, and planning out what's gonna happen when I run the show whenever that comes up.

take opportunities. Live with no regrets of things left undone.